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Slotclub Casino – Legit or Scam?

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Slotclub, a name known in the volatile world of online betting and gambling, begs a pressing question that every gamer needs to have answered: Is this casino safe? This question isn’t unfounded. Since its establishment in 2014, by the Igro Gambling Group, Slotclub has generated wide-ranging views notably related to its safety. With Slotclub operating with an annual revenue greater than $1,000,000 and offering various gaming options, these concerns necessitate a closer look at the casino’s overall legitimacy and operational standards.

A Closer Look At Slotclub

Critical information about Slotclub reveals certain aspects that should influence gamers’ decision-making processes regarding choosing this platform. Alarmingly, we must start with pointing out that the rumblings about Slotclub are not without cause.

First off, Slotclub operates without a valid license – a red flag in the setup of any online gambling platform given the absence of regulatory safeguards for players.

Additionally, numerous sources report allegations that Slotclub features fake games; these games can appear almost identical to their original counterparts but potentially carry modified settings, like a lower return-to-player rate (RTP). This deviation allows the house an unreasonably high edge, giving rise to fair play concerns.

Size and Withdrawal Limit Concerns

Slotclub is considered a smaller fish in the sea of online casinos when it comes to revenue generation. Its size can impact the payment of substantial winnings, posing challenges for players who hit considerable jackpots, which larger casinos would typically pay without hesitation.

The withdrawal limit could be yet another potential inconvenience to consider. Slotclub limits its monthly withdrawals to 50,000₴, restricting the freedom to cash out bigger winning amounts immediately. For those seeking high-stake gameplay, a casino offering higher withdrawal limits or preferably no restrictions on withdrawals would be more appealing.

Player Support and Games

In the interest of balance, Slotclub does have its positives. A noteworthy one is their 24/7 live chat support, offering real-time assistance to players in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. This consistent player support can enhance gaming experiences by providing immediate resolutions of issues, making gameplay smoother overall.

Moreover, despite concerns regarding fake games, active game options include popular genres like Slots and Roulette. However, other favourites such as Blackjack and Poker are not actively available, limiting the range of options for seasoned players seeking diverse gaming experiences.


With all aspects considered, caution is advised when dealing with Slotclub. The lack of a valid operating license, allegations of fake game offerings, and restrictive withdrawal limits significantly raise safety concerns regarding Slotclub’s legitimacy and integrity. While there are perks such as round-the-clock customer service, the negatives appear to outweigh the positives in this instance. It might be best for players to seek alternative online casinos that guarantee safer and more secure gambling environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Slotclub and who owns it?

Slotclub is an online casino platform established back in 2014, owned by the Igro Gambling Group. The platform offers various options for gamblers including slots and roulette games. Gathering fame within the high-risk environment of the gambling industry, Slotclub has been a subject of debate when it comes to safety concerns.

2. How much revenue does Slotclub generate, and why does this matter?

On an annual scale, Slotclub reports a revenue of more than $1,000,000. Although this might seem impressive, relative to the wider online casino market, Slotclub is considered as a smaller competitor. This size matters especially when we think about the prospects of huge winnings. Larger establishments are typically more capable of paying out substantial wins in a smooth manner, while smaller casinos may potentially struggle, causing delays or complications for the players expecting their payouts.

3. Are there any licensing issues with Slotclub?

Indeed, one of the critical issues with Slotclub is that it operates without a valid license. This is a major red flag within the gambling industry since a valid license functions as proof that the casino complies to certain standards of fairness, security, and ethics determined by the issuing authority. Operating without a license signifies complete absence of such external checks, making it risky for the players to trust the platform, particularly during disagreements or conflicts.

4. Does Slotclub have fake games?

Unfortunately, allegations have surfaced claiming that Slotclub hosts fake versions of renowned games. These replicas appear strikingly similar to the originals but are reported to carry adjustments in game settings, such as lower Return To Player (RTP) rates. Simply put, these changes increase the probability of the house winning, creating an unfair balance in favour of the casino over the player.

5. What is Slotclub’s withdrawal limit?

Slotclub has set a withdrawal limit of 50,000₴ per month. This might prove to be an issue for players who accrue substantial winnings. This limit means that in a situation where someone wins a big jackpot, they would not be able to withdraw the entire sum immediately but over a considerable period of time. Gamblers who are gratified by instant, full access to their large winnings might want to reconsider choosing Slotclub as their preferred platform.

6. What player support does Slotclub offer and in what languages can I get assistance?

Despite the red flags, Slotclub does offer some positives. An essential one is the availability of round-the-clock live chat support, ready to assist players with any issues or inquiries that occur during gameplay. The real-time communication option is available in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, which maintains a smoother gaming experience by delivering immediate clarifications and resolutions when needed.

7. Would you recommend playing on Slotclub?

Taking into account all aspects related to Slotclub’s operations, it is suggested that players tread with caution. Although there are promising features like 24/7 live chat assistance, the absence of a valid license, allegations about offering fake games, and restrictive monthly withdrawal limits could potentially detract from players’ experiences. It might be more profitable for players to explore other online casinos that assure a safer, more dependable environment for gambling that guarantees fair play besides security.

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With its certification from the esteemed regulator “Spillemyndigheden”, establishes itself as a secure and dependable online gaming platform, enriching it’s credibility in the gambling landscape. It captivates users with a wide array of games, bounteous transaction thresholds, and intuitive payment solutions. Despite its more modest operations, not only sustains financial stability, but surpasses the million-dollar mark in annual revenues, assuring players seamless payout experiences. This cosy digital casino is also home to an extensive variety of live games, slots, blackjack, and much more. Unquestionably, this game library is enriched by ties to prominent industry leaders like NetEnt and Microgaming, impeccably serving all gamblers’ preferences. While there still remains room for advancement, particularly in improving customer service and extending registration to non-Danish CPR holders, still holds its ground as a trusted avenue for online betting based on its commendable strengths.

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Although managed by the Fashion TV Gaming Group since 2017 and offering an impressive array of online gambles ranging from Slots, Roulette to BlackJack, Betfashiontv Casino doesn’t quite stand up to the test in terms of safety assurance. Despite brandishing licenses from Malta and UK authorities, it has faced skepticism over its legitimacy predominantly due to a trail of unsolved complaints. As a smaller revenue platform, managing sizable winnings could be quite daunting. Furthermore, the monthly ceiling on withdrawals is pegged at a relatively low €7000, potentially hampering high-level players seeking larger wins. The casino disappoints with its lack of live dealer services or round-the-clock customer assistance, although it does take redeeming credits for providing multilingual customer interactions and multiple payment options, including Paypal. Nevertheless, given the concerning history and dubious repute of Betfashiontv, prudence is suggested when engaging with this casino.

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