SCR99 Casino ID – Legit or Scam?

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When considering the vast world of online casinos, players are often faced with a critical question: Is this casino legitimate or is it a scam? Today, we turn our attention to one such establishment, SCR99 Casino ID. Debuting on the virtual gambling scene in 2016 and owned by CENTURY HOLDINGS LTD, SCR99 Casino ID is a platform that caters primarily to the Indonesian market, as evidenced by its singular currency option — the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The burgeoning platform reports to have a revenue of less than $1,000,000, suggesting that it is on the smaller side of the industry scale.

Licensing and Regulation

Online casinos operate in a complex regulatory environment, with licensing being a cornerstone for establishing player trust. SCR99 Casino ID claims to hold licenses from jurisdictions including the Philippines (PAGCOR), Cagayan Economic Zone (CEZA), and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. However, some concern arises as these credentials could not be independently verified. This raises a proverbial red flag when it comes to confirming the legitimacy of their operations.

A license ensures that a casino adheres to certain standards, fairness, and security measures. When there’s uncertainty surrounding an online casino’s licensing, it’s inherently more difficult to affirm its safety and reliability. Gamblers must tread with caution where verifiability of such credentials is cloudy.

Financial Considerations

Players’ financial interests center around two main arenas: withdrawal limits and payment method availability. SCR99 Casino ID offers notably high withdrawal limits, with up to 3 billion Rupiah allowable per month and 100 million Rupiah per day, which is favorable for those fortunate to secure significant wins. It’s important to note, however, that a larger casino might be better equipped to handle big wins both operationally and financially; thus, the smaller scale of SCR99 Casino ID could potentially lead to difficulties if someone hits an exceptionally large jackpot.

The casino presents a list of payment methods that include widely used bank transfers and popular Indonesian providers such as BNI, CIMB Bank, BCA, and e-wallets like DANA, OVO, GoPay, and LinkAja, among others. A limited choice of payment methods can be a deterrent for some players who prefer extensive options tailored to their preferences.

Game Selection and Partnerships

A diverse array of games keeps the online casino experience fresh and engaging. SCR99 Casino ID hosts active gaming categories which range from ever-popular slots and table games like roulette and blackjack, to live dealer offerings and niche pursuits such as eSports betting and crash games. This broad selection suggests a varied entertainment pallet aimed at catering to assorted tastes.

Collaboration with reputable game providers adds a layer of trust and quality assurance. SCR99 Casino ID features games from notable developers like Betsoft Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil Gaming. These partnerships can signal a commitment to presenting players with superior gaming experiences which also helps alleviate concerns over the fairness and authenticity of gameplay.

Customer Service and Support

In the digital age, responsive customer support is crucial. SCR99 Casino ID boasts round-the-clock live chat support which implies a dedication to customer service accessibility. Immediate assistance reflects well on a casino’s commitment to addressing player issues promptly and effectively.

Positives and Negatives

Like any service, SCR99 Casino ID has its pros and cons. A high point includes the aforementioned high withdrawal limit, coupled with the advantage of offering live dealer games and 24/7 live chat support. The drawbacks, however, are quite impactful. The absence of Terms and Conditions on the website creates an opaque environment where players lack clear guidance on the rules governing their play. Moreover, restricted to a single currency and a limited range of payment methods, the casino may alienate potential international players and those preferring specific transaction methods.

Safety Concerns

Given the scrutiny placed on SCR99 Casino ID, their safety index was rated below average—meaning multiple aspects may cause players to consider alternative venues for their gaming needs. While not outright labelled as a scam, the inability to verify the casino’s license, combined with the absence of explicit Terms and Conditions casts doubt on its overall trustworthiness.

Prospective players would ideally look for a regulated, transparent, and fair environment wherein to place their bets. In light of this information, it remains questionable whether SCR99 Casino ID fulfills those criteria sufficiently.


In sum, SCR99 Casino ID stands as a small-to-medium-sized player in the online casino marketplace. While boasting a solid selection of games and good support, the safety signals are mixed due to the non-verification of licenses and lack of clear operational guidelines as indicated by the missing Terms and Conditions.

Potential players should weigh the benefits of high withdrawal limits and accessibility against the risks posed by unclear regulatory assurances. Without being able to confidently assert the casino’s legitimacy, one’s best bet might be to explore alternatives that come with less ambiguity and higher guarantees of player protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions about SCR99 Casino ID

Is SCR99 Casino ID a legitimate online casino?

SCR99 Casino ID, established in 2016 and owned by CENTURY HOLDINGS LTD, operates within the online gambling industry predominantly serving the Indonesian market. The legitimacy of an online casino is primarily determined by its licensing status and adherence to regulatory standards set forth by credible authorities. SCR99 Casino ID publicly indicates that it holds licenses from PAGCOR in the Philippines, CEZA, and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

However, it’s imperative to note that the authenticity of these licenses has not been independently verified during our review. This raises concerns regarding the establishment’s legitimacy because verifying an online casino’s license is a crucial step in confirming its compliance with legal and ethical gaming practices. When the casino’s licensing information cannot be validated, it becomes challenging for players to trust the legitimacy of the casino and its operations fully.

Players are generally advised to seek out casinos with verified licensure as this typically ensures the casino operates under strict guidelines designed to protect players’ interests and promote fair games. Therefore, while SCR99 Casino ID may project the image of being a legitimate platform, the inability to confirm its licensing details suggests caution.

What types of games can I play at SCR99 Casino ID?

At SCR99 Casino ID, the breadth of gaming options is quite expansive, catering to diverse gaming preferences. Active game categories on the platform include popular choices like Slots and Roulette, alongside table games such as Blackjack and Baccarat. For those interested in more dynamic interaction, Live Games offer an immersive experience akin to brick-and-mortar casinos, facilitated through real-time video streaming with live dealers.

Fans of sports will appreciate the Betting options which cover traditional sports betting as well as eSports betting—reflecting the growing trend of competitive video gaming bets. Video Poker offers an electronic version of the classic card game, while Bingo provides a casual pastime with the potential for big wins. Jackpot games come with the thrill of chasing significant payouts, and Keno adds another layer of number-picking excitement.

Games like Poker, Craps, and Scratch Cards are listed as non-active, suggesting that they may either be temporarily unavailable or not a focus for SCR99 Casino ID at present.

The variety of games is supported through partnerships with some of the industry’s renowned game providers, like Betsoft Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Microgaming, among others. These providers are known for high-quality graphics, engaging themes, and innovative gameplay features, offering players a rich and reliable gaming experience.

How does SCR99 Casino ID handle withdrawals and deposits?

Financial transactions are a pillar of online casino operations, with withdrawal and deposit processes being a focal point for players. SCR99 Casino ID highlights a particularly generous withdrawal limit policy, allowing players to withdraw up to 3 billion Rupiah per month and 100 million Rupiah per day. This can be extremely advantageous for players who hit big wins and prefer to access their funds in larger sums.

In terms of deposits, while the specific procedures are not explicitly detailed in our review, the casino supports an array of payment methods tailored to the regional market. This includes bank transfers and a selection of Indonesian banking services like BNI, CIMB Bank, BCA, as well as several e-wallets including DANA, OVO, GoPay, LinkAja, and others.

However, the limited diversity in payment options, especially concerning international and multiple currency accommodations, might limit the appeal for a segment of global players. Also noteworthy is the sole use of IDR currency, indicating a singular focus on the Indonesian demographic.

Given the sensitivity surrounding financial transactions in the online space, the comprehensiveness and transparency of the payment system play a significant role in shaping players’ trust toward the casino.

Are there any customer service support systems available at SCR99 Casino ID?

Customer support is a critical aspect of online casino services, and SCR99 Casino ID positions itself strongly in this area by offering 24/7 live chat support. This instant access to assistance speaks well of the casino’s commitment to addressing player issues efficiently and effectively.

Being able to communicate with a customer support representative at any time provides players with peace of mind, especially when dealing with urgent inquiries or encountering issues during gameplay or transaction activities. However, while live chat is a highly accessible form of support, the absence of additional linguistic support options beyond English could impose barriers for non-English speaking players, despite the website catering to a multi-lingual audience with languages like Chinese, Hindi, and Korean.

It must also be noted that the efficacy and quality of the response provided by SCR99 Casino ID’s customer support team are paramount and would significantly contribute to player satisfaction and the overall reputation of the casino.

What should I consider before playing at SCR99 Casino ID?

Before diving into the entertainment that SCR99 Casino ID promises, several considerations are paramount for a secure and enjoyable gaming experience. Prospective players should examine the clarity and presence of the casino’s Terms and Conditions, which provide essential information governing gameplay and interactions with the casino. The absence or ambiguity of such documentation at SCR99 Casino ID can lead to confusion over rights and obligations, potentially leaving players unprotected against disputes or misunderstandings.

Additionally, it is advisable to approach this casino with caution, keeping in mind the below-average safety index rating and noted concerns regarding unverified licensing claims. Players are always encouraged to conduct due diligence and explore user experiences and reviews to get a well-rounded view of any online casino’s track record and reliability.

Ultimately, while the allure of a good gaming roster and appealing withdrawal limits may entice players, the underlying factors related to safety, transparency, and legality require careful scrutiny before committing to an online casino like SCR99 Casino ID.

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