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Royal Ace Casino – Legit or Scam?

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With the proliferation of online casinos, players are increasingly concerned about safety and reliability. Among these, Royal Ace Casino has stood its ground since inception in 2009, presenting itself as a digital gambling haven for casino enthusiasts, primarily targeting audiences in the United States and Canada. But the question on every prospective gambler’s mind is: Is Royal Ace Casino trustworthy or just another online scam? With over a decade in the market and an annual revenue exceeding $5 million, it warrants a closer examination to ensure that players’ investments are secure and their playtime is fair. In this comprehensive review, we’re dissecting the casino’s offerings, exploring withdrawal limitations, the efficiency of payment processing, available games, bonuses, and more to determine whether Royal Ace Casino is a safe bet for your wagering enjoyment.

Safety and Security

The online gaming experience at Royal Ace Casino starts with understanding the platform’s commitment to player security. When engaging with any digital casino, it’s critical to know where it stands in terms of safety. Despite no formal licenses listed, Royal Ace has been attempting to bolster its reputation by moving its offices from Costa Rica to Europe, aiming for better operational oversight and credibility.

In terms of monetary transactions, which are often the primary concern for players, Royal Ace Casino provides several payment options including major credit cards like Mastercard, VISA, and American Express, as well as digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. This versatility not only accommodates different preferences but also reflects a modern approach towards financial security, particularly through encrypted cryptocurrency transactions which add an extra layer of protection against fraud.

However, it’s important to note that while Royal Ace claims to fulfill payouts, the process can be slow with initial withdrawals sometimes taking up to one or two months. Players are advised to exercise patience and possibly consider using faster methods like Bitcoin for quicker transactions. For those willing to wait, the casino has made the effort to assure customers that they will ultimately receive their due funds even amidst flags raised by various websites over delayed payments.

To further solidify customer relations, an express withdrawal trial is underway, though it seems to be available for a select number of players during this test phase. As withdrawal caps are set at $2,500 per week and $10,000 per month, high rollers may find these limits somewhat restrictive.

Customer Service and Support

Exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of casino integrity. At Royal Ace Casino, players have access to live chat support available around the clock, ensuring assistance is always at hand. Accessibility of support staff is a reassuring sign, indicating that the casino prioritizes customer queries and concerns.

Should issues arise, especially pertaining to the slow pace of the first withdrawal or bonus-related complications under the Realtime Gaming (RTG) platform, Royal Ace encourages reaching out to their support team. Notably though, the casino operates on the RTG software, known for strict adherence to rules regarding bonuses even after wagering requirements are met. Players should proceed cautiously, as breaching any term might lead to forfeiture of winnings and pending withdrawals.

Game Selection and Software

The assortment of games at Royal Ace Casino comprises popular choices like slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, jackpot games, and keno. Gaming variety caters to a range of preferences, offering something for casual and serious gamblers alike. However, it’s worth mentioning that the casino sources its games from a single software provider—RTG. While some users may appreciate the consistency of a single game developer, this limitation can also be a downside for those looking for a diversity of gaming experiences. Another drawback is that some RTG games require downloading, potentially hindering instant playability.

Not all gaming activities are active; betting, bingo, baccarat, live games, among others, remain dormant, which might disappoint players seeking a complete casino suite. Still, for patrons focused on available options, these games have been successful in delivering entertainment and winning opportunities alike.

Regarding incentives, Royal Ace offers a wide variety of bonuses, yet their nature deserves attention. Bonuses are described as ‘sticky’ or non-cashable, meaning that they cannot be withdrawn and must be used strictly for playing. This characteristic is something potential members should contemplate when considering the value of offered promotions.

Responsible Gambling

As part of promoting safe and responsible gambling, it is important that players engage with Royal Ace Casino—or any gaming platform—with awareness of their personal limits and the risks involved. While the casino works to address problematic gaming by providing tools and support, it is the responsibility of each player to gamble conscientiously and within their means.


In the ever-evolving world of online casinos, Royal Ace Casino presents itself as an evolving platform catering to specific markets, yet it remains affected by longer-than-desired payout times and singular gaming software reliance. Enhancements appear underway, suggesting potential improvements in optimizing player experiences. Ultimately, those willing to navigate through slower withdrawal periods and adhere to stringent bonus conditions might find Royal Ace Casino a fitting destination to place their bets. However, vigilance and a thorough understanding of the casino’s policies is imperative to ensure an enjoyable and safe gaming environment. Therefore, while Royal Ace isn’t branded as a rogue entity, caution and informed decision-making should guide any engagement with this online casino.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Royal Ace Casino a reputable online platform for gambling?

Royal Ace Casino has been serving players since 2009, primarily catering to users in the USA and Canada. With an established history and revenue exceeding $5 million annually, Royal Ace presents itself as a genuine platform offering a range of popular casino games. However, reputation in the online casino world is nuanced, hinging not just on longevity but also on service quality, payout reliability, and customer support.

The casino’s commitment to providing versatile payment options—including the use of cryptocurrencies—demonstrates its effort to keep up with secure transactions and protect player funds. Still, potential slow withdrawal times can raise questions about financial fluidity. The casino has shown eagerness to improve its standing by migrating its operations from Costa Rica to Europe for better management. While it doesn’t carry formal gambling licenses, it operates under a framework striving to pay out duly won amounts, albeit sometimes after considerable delays.

As part of its software foundation, Royal Ace Casino relies solely on Realtime Gaming (RTG) products, which may limit diversity but ensures a consistent gaming experience. Customer service at the casino is accessible 24/7 via live chat, showcasing its readiness to resolve issues and maintain clear communication channels with its user base.

Royal Ace has worked to rid itself of negative connotations associated with delayed payments, although these suspicions have persisted due to the slow resolution of first-time cashouts. Despite these concerns, the casino is not classified among blacklisted or rogue sites, indicating a basic level of operational integrity. When participating in the casino’s offerings, players should do so equipped with knowledge and awareness of these factors.

What are the withdrawal limits and processing times at Royal Ace Casino?

Withdrawal policies are often a focal point for online players assessing the utility of a casino, with Royal Ace having specific terms. The financial limitations imposed restrict withdrawals to a maximum of $2,500 per week and $10,000 per month. Such caps might not be ideal for high rollers or players scoring large wins who wish to access their winnings more rapidly.

When it comes to processing times, first-time withdrawal requests at Royal Ace Casino are notoriously drawn-out, sometimes extending up to two months before completion. Although this could be seen as a cautionary flag, it mirrors a shared trait across sister casinos targeting similar markets. Royal Ace acknowledges this delay and cites enhanced verification procedures to ensure proper and lawful fund distribution.

The introduction of an express withdrawal process, although still in trial and available to a limited number of players, signals a prospective shift toward efficiency. For more prompt service, the casino advises the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, given their inherently faster and more secure transaction nature.

Patience is key for those willing to abide by such conditional liquidity; taking advantage of the digitalized payment means where possible will mitigate wait times. It is recommended that players contacting customer support inquire about the status and options available to expedite their withdrawals.

What kind of customer service can I expect from Royal Ace Casino?

Players at Royal Ace Casino have continuous access to customer support through a 24-hour live chat feature, putting assistance at their fingertips at any time. This indicates a strong drive to manage customer relations and address any issues promptly.

However, attentive customer service extends beyond availability. It encompasses the quality of interactions, the problem-solving capabilities of the staff, and the set protocols for dealing with common and unique challenges players face. Reviews and player testimonials are crucial in painting the full picture of how Royal Ace performs in real-world situations. Existing feedback points to a system that values responsiveness and seems prepared to handle queries ranging from technical gameplay troubles to clarifications on withdrawals and bonuses.

Given that Royal Ace Casino employs RTG software known for strict bonus rules adherence, players might face complex scenarios related to their promotional terms. It is imperative that customer support is well versed in these situations to guide players effectively and prevent misunderstandings that could lead to a loss of funds due to rule infringements.

Overall, while the presence of around-the-clock live chat speaks favorably of Royal Ace Casino’s intent to provide timely support, potential patrons should consider both anecdotal accounts and official policies as indicators of the true level of customer service experienced on the platform.

Can you tell me more about the game selection at Royal Ace Casino?

Royal Ace Casino hosts a plethora of gaming options, primarily running on software developed by Realtime Gaming. Active games include a variety of slots, each with different themes and jackpot capacities, along with classic table games such as roulette and blackjack. Video poker aficionados have access to multiple variants, and keno enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite numbers game as well. The inclusion of jackpot games adds the thrill of potentially massive wins for lucky players.

On the downside, the absence of multiple software providers means the lack of diversity some players seek. Certain other popular casino activities, such as betting, bingo, baccarat, live dealer games, and more, remain inactive, which can be disappointing for users looking for a comprehensive casino suite. Additionally, some games requiring downloads can be a deterrent for those preferring instant online play without the hassle of installing software on their devices.

Bonuses and promotions related to these games come with their own caveats. Given that bonuses at Royal Ace Casino are described as ‘sticky’ or non-cashable, they can only be used to wager and not withdrawn as cash. This condition could influence the perceived value of bonuses for many players, shaping the overall gaming experience and how one approaches playing and investing in these games.

Users weighing their options would be wise to consider the casino’s active versus inactive offerings, the implications of using a single software provider, and the nature of bonuses when deciding whether Royal Ace Casino caters satisfactorily to their gaming preferences and expectations.

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