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Platinum Reels Online Casino – Legit or Scam?

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Superficially, the glitz and glamour of online casinos such as Platinum Reels might seem appealing. But delve little deeper, and there’s concern about safety and fair-play that prospective players are increasingly getting anxious about. This article spotlights on unravelling the layers of safety measures at Platinum Reels Online Casino and assessing how far does it ensure secure gameplay and potential wins.

About Platinum Reels Online Casino

Established by Web Entertainment Software NV in 2011, Platinum Reels Online Casino is a medium-sized casino when evaluated revenue-wise, with annual turnover exceeding $5Million. Offering active games including Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video poker, Jackpot games, Keno, Platinum Reels caters to various player preferences and monetary capacities.

Assessing The Safety Factor

Unfortunately, our comprehensive review revealed serious issues with the casino’s legitimacy and fairness.

Firstly, upon thorough investigation, it was discovered that Platinum Reels has a fraudulent licensing setup. It turns out that their license either isn’t valid or links to a counterfeit licensing website, an alarming red flag for any discerning player.

In terms of customer complaints, the record is not encouraging. We have logged multiple complaints against this casino and found associated grievances against others in the same group.

Dubious Terms and Conditions

Another significant drawback is the casino’s unfair terms and conditions. While all casinos endeavor to maintain business-friendly policies, the ones employed at Platinum Reels weigh heavily in favour of the casino and could potentially disadvantage the player.

Furthermore, the conditions of service somehow do not fully align with industry standards, leading us to caution you to either choose a different casino with uncompromised rules or pay extra attention to Platinum Reels’ policies should you choose to play there.

Payment and Currency Woes

Payment methods are an integral part of an online casino’s functionality. Platinum Reels accept Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Bitcoin, Wire-transfer, ApplePay, but the choice is rather limited compared to other casinos.

To add more inconvenience, any credit or debit card withdrawal under $500 may incur a service charge of $35. Such additional costs reduce player earnings and the overall appeal of the platform, highlighting one of many negatives of this casino.

Can You Play Safe At Platinum Reels?

Rounding it off, based on our exhaustive review, we ascertain that Platinum Reels Online Casino leans towards the unsafe and unreliable side of the scale despite their 24/7 live chat support being a convenient feature for users. The safety measures and fairness guidelines employed by the platform do not sit well with us; hence we strongly advise avoiding this online casino for your gaming pursuits. Live dealer games are noticeably missing, adding to the platform’s negatives. To ensure safe and enjoyable gameplay, we recommend opting for casinos with legitimate licenses, robust payment options, fair terms, and zero unresolved player complaints.

Discover Platinum Reels Online Casino

FAQ section for Platinum Reels Online Casino

1. Who owns Platinum Reels Online Casino?

Platinum Reels Online Casino is owned by the parent company named Web Entertainment Software NV. They have been operating this online casino since its establishment in 2011.

2. What types of games can I play at Platinum Reels Online Casino?

At Platinum Reels Online Casino, there are various active games that players can choose from. The active game roster includes Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video poker, Jackpot games, and Keno. It’s important to note though, it doesn’t support live dealer games.

3. Which payment methods does Platinum Reels support? Are there any limitations or fees?

The supported payment options include Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Bitcoin, Wire-transfer, and ApplePay. While the choice isn’t as extensive as some other casinos, these methods cover both fiat and cryptocurrencies. However, a flagrant discrepancy is evident in their withdrawal policy, wherein any debit or credit card withdrawals below $500 may be subjected to an additional charge of $35.

4. What currencies can I use in this online casino?

Users can engage in transactions with two primary currencies: USD and EUR. While operational for ten years, they haven’t expanded their currency palette, which could imply potential issues regarding flexibility and user convenience.

5. Does Platinum Reels Online Casino have a license?

Unfortunately, our detailed analysis revealed very disconcerting realities about Platinum Reel’s licensing status. Initially flaunted as having a license, upon deeper inspection, it became apparent that this license either isn’t valid or it led to a counterfeit website imitating a genuine licensing authority, leading us to suspect features of fraudulent behavior.

6. How good is the customer support at Platinum Reels?

One commendable feature of Platinum Reels Online Casino is the provision of 24/7 live chat support, offering players real-time assistance regarding any issues or queries they might have. While this is indeed a significant positive aspect, it doesn’t make up for the platform’s other noteworthy shortcomings.

7. Are there any specific terms and conditions that players should be aware of?

Yes, our review shed light on certain sections of Platinum Reels’ Terms and Conditions that we consider to bias favour towards the casino, potentially disadvantaging the players. We urge potential players to scrutinize the platform’s T&Cs thoroughly before they decide to play here, keeping in mind the essential requirement of transparent, player-friendly policies in all reliable online casinos.

8. How safe is it to play at Platinum Reels Online Casino?

With thorough analysis and responsibility towards gamblers, after noticing grave concerns including supposed licensing fraud, unfair terms and conditions, limited payment methods, and lack of trustworthiness, we advise refraining from using Platinum Reels Online Casino due to safety reasons. Instead, opt for platforms with robust safety measures, fair play guidelines, and well-structured user features.

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Established in 2017, OReels Casino, a part of the esteemed ProgressPlay Limited’s prestigious roster, holds esteemed regulatory credentials from Malta and the United Kingdom enhancing its authenticity. While there have been some questions regarding its safety stemmed largely from mixed player reviews, it is crucial to note that there has been no direct proof of any compromises on player safety as such. The casino’s dominance scale slid towards the lower side due to lesser revenue generation compared to its larger counterparts, which could conceivably make hefty payout a challenge. OReels, on a positive note, flaunts an expansive game selection developed by a plethora of revered providers, alongside a multiplicity of payment methods, cryptocurrencies being one amongst them. However, users should scrutinize certain stipulations in their terms of service, which have potential implications of being unfairly biased. Furthermore, dormant accounts could face an account balance seizure after a designated timeframe. Hence, while OReels Casino may not be categorically classified as hazardous, future patrons are strongly recommended to evaluate their options judiciously prior committing to this platform.