FortuneJack Casino – Legit or Scam?

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Welcome to our comprehensive review of FortuneJack Casino, an online gambling platform owned by Nexus Group Enterprises N.V. that has been in operation since 2014. We delve into its safety and legitimacy as a place for enjoying your favourite casino games. Though FortuneJack Casino is medium-sized in terms of revenue, it attracts a significant amount of attention due to some criticisms. Even though the casino has reputable offerings, we advise you to weigh all factors before deciding to play here.

Revenue and Size

First, let’s look at FortuneJack Casino’s standing in the market. The yearly revenue of a casino can provide critical insights into its ability to cover winnings. In this regard, FortuneJack Casino, with annual earnings surpassing $5,000,000, falls into the category of medium-sized casinos. This implies it shouldn’t have trouble paying out substantial wins, unlike lesser-known casinos that might struggle with large payouts.

Licensing and Regulation

Licenses often indicate a casino’s commitment to fair play and security. FortuneJack marked its credibility by acquiring a license from Curaçao, a well-recognized licensing authority. While one license is better than none, additional licenses from other jurisdictions would increase the trustworthiness of a casino tremendously.

Payment Methods

A wide array of payment methods often shows flexibility and caters to various user preferences. At FortuneJack Casino, options include both traditional methods like VISA and Mastercard alongside cryptocurrency choices such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, which signifies their embracement of modern financial trends. However, they lack some standard services, notably bank transfers for withdrawals and phone support.

Games and Providers

Variety is the key when it comes to games, and FortuneJack delivers that. From Slots and Roulette to eSports betting, they cater to diverse gambling preferences. Their games are provided by notable developers like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Microgaming. However, they do not offer Poker and Crash games.

Fairness and User Convenience

Several facets of FortuneJack Casino operations raise brows. Notably, some users have submitted complaints regarding the casino’s bonus terms and conditions, suggesting they’re rigid and potentially problematic for players. The win limit stands at €300,000 per spin, which could pose certain limitations should you hit a substantial win.

They also impose fees on dormant accounts, which may result in confiscation of your balance if your account is inactive for 12 to 18 months. Such measures can indicate a lack of customer-centric approaches or an attempt to profit from customers unfairly.


FortuneJack Casino integrates traditional and contemporary payment methods, as well as embraces various gaming sections. Nonetheless, with several issues affecting customers’ experiences negatively, it falls below expectations in terms of overall safety. Thus, while it’s not entirely unreliable, there might be other casinos that offer better conditions. Always scrutinize the Terms and Conditions before deciding where to gamble.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who owns FortuneJack Casino?

FortuneJack Casino is operated and owned by Nexus Group Enterprises N.V. This company has been in the online casino industry since 2014, ensuring a moderate level of experience dealing with an online gambling environment.

2. What license does FortuneJack Casino hold?

As an integral aspect of demonstrating its legitimacy, FortuneJack Casino holds a gaming license from Curaçao. This license assures it adheres to standard regulations governing online casinos and operates within stipulated guidelines. However, do consider that more licensing credentials could have affirmed its trustworthiness even further.

3. How big is FortuneJack Casino?

With annual revenues exceeding $5,000,000, FortuneJack Casino finds its place among the medium-sized online casinos. Essentially, this means they are reasonably capable of meeting payouts for sizeable winnings without much difficulty.

4. What payment methods are accepted at FortuneJack Casino?

FortuneJack Casino presents an extensive range of payment options, integrating both traditional and modern financial systems. It accepts credit cards like VISA and Mastercard while also embracing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, among others. Yet, it does lack some essential services. Notably, it does not process withdrawals through bank transfers.

5. What type of games can I play at FortuneJack Casino?

The casino provides a broad spectrum of games, offering something to suit diverse playing preferences. From classics such as Slots, Roulette, Blackjack to eSports betting, the casino ensures every gamer has something enjoyable on their platform. The games are backed by reputable developers like NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Microgaming. However, Poker and Crash games aren’t currently active on their platform.

6. What are the limitations or issues to be aware of at FortuneJack Casino?

While FortuneJack Casino offers myriad features, several restrictive aspects raise concern. For instance, the bonus terms and conditions have faced criticism for being stringent and potentially a challenge for players to leverage them fully. Additionally, the casino imposes a win limit (€300,000 per spin), which might hinder your payout in case of big wins.

Moreover, the casino adopts policies on dormant accounts, deducting fees or even confiscating entire balances if an account has been inactive for 12-18 months. These measures could indicate a lack of customer focus, potentially making the overall experience less enjoyable for some users. Hence, it is imperative to review the casino’s Terms and Conditions comprehensively before subjecting yourself to play there.

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Alpha Interactive Solutions N.V Casinos launched 14red Casino in 2018 and has since stirred a wave of interest within the online gambling fraternity. Albeit the revenues surpassing $1,000,000 mark, which attests to its payout potency, there are certain obscurities regarding the legitimacy of its license that we’ve been unsuccessful in verifying. This lack of transparent licensing delineation does pose questions about its operational integrity. The casino faces additional skepticism from multiple customer grievances against itself and its linked platforms. It should also be noted that some terms and conditions may not be deemed fair by users. Nevertheless, the catalogue of games offered by this platform is undoubtedly impressive, with selections from several renowned providers, despite some categories being non-functional at present. 14red Casino supports a variety of transaction methods including Neteller, Skrill, and VISA, but the monthly withdrawal limit is confined to €5,000, presenting a possible hurdle for high-earning players. The unavailability of around-the-clock live chat support might also influence the overall customer service experience negatively. Thus, while 14red Casino presents certain merits, the safety implications are not to be disregarded.

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First established in 2017 under the Spintastic N.V. banner, BET90 Casino offers an extensive selection of games and numerous payment options for its players. Nonetheless, there exist reservations regarding its reliability and integrity, largely stemming from its licensure through Curaçao, a jurisdiction renowned for lax regulation. As a medium-sized casino, BET90 may encounter difficulties when tackling sizeable payouts. They also impose daily and monthly withdrawal restrictions—fixed at €2000 and €10,000 respectively—which suggests players’ winnings exceeding these limits may not be paid in full. Furthermore, accounts showing prolonged periods of inactivity might be subject to hefty fines that could lead to seizures of their balances. Despite showcasing offerings from leading game developers and providing support in multiple languages, BET90’s non-24/7 availability may hamper prompt problem resolution. Hence, despite its accessibility and wide range of gaming choices, ongoing issues with payout thresholds and general safety necessitate a level of prudence when considering wagering at BET90.

Cop Slots Casino

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Launched in 2018 by Jumpman Gaming Limited, Cop Slots Casino exhibits a steadfast dedication to player security, as evidenced by its impressive safety rating. This internet-based casino accommodates various currencies and payment methods, offering limitless British Pound withdrawals. A wealth of game offerings from industry giants such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Red Tiger Gaming further enhances the platform’s appeal. While the casino has dealt with some criticisms related to its website functionality and partner casinos, it still offers a compelling gaming space with perks like unlimited cashouts and telephone bill payments for particular regions. That said, certain aspects, including the lack of real-time customer support and possible concerns with specific Terms and Conditions, call for caution. Ultimately, while Cop Slots Casino delivers a decent online gaming experience, players should carefully scrutinize its terms to guarantee a secure and worthwhile gaming adventure.

Bob Casino

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Providing an engaging gaming environment, Bob Casino has been cleverly capturing the attention of online gamers since 2017, as a popular venture under the management of N1 Interactive Ltd. Its attraction lies in offering a broad array of games from top-notch providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, catering to global audiences through multilingual support, and facilitating smooth transactions with the acceptance of various currencies and diverse modes of payments.

However, this glamour shouldn’t blind one to certain concerns associated with fairness in its rules and regulations. Some clauses, mainly those related to dormant account balances, are perceived as prejudiced towards players or lack clarity due to deficient translation. Evidently, the casino’s income – that surpasses $5,000,000 on a monthly basis implying a substantial capability for staggering payouts – can get obscured by a somewhat tarnished reputation; a result of two direct complaints against Bob Casino and additional 150 grievances concerning allied casinos. While assistance is accessible through live chat, the quality of linguistic aid seems unsatisfactory.

Given these facts, prospective players are suggested to exercise discernment when choosing to embark on their gambling journey with Bob Casino. A prudent step would be to familiarize oneself thoroughly with potentially contentious terms and conditions and seek outside counsel if required.

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Established in 1994 by Firepower Trading Ltd., BetUS Casino has cemented its dominance in the realm of online gaming. A wide range of games that includes slots, roulette, blackjack, and live games is what characterizes this platform’s extensive offering. While it does operate without licensure, a track record marked by considerable revenue generation—surpassing $5,000,000—adds to its credibility. The casino accepts an array of payment modes like VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. High withdrawal thresholds set at €/$50 notwithstanding, BetUS emphasizes customer service with 24/7 phone and chat support, standing as pillars of their offerings. The digital-friendly establishment further highlights its contemporariness with their acceptance of Bitcoin transactions. Enjoyed overwhelmingly in the USA, BetUS Casino underscores its position as a key player in the online gambling industry, while upholding the paramount importance of player safety and satisfaction.

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Launched in 2019 by Clever Motion, Casiplay Casino has quickly drawn a following as an online gaming platform that is synonymous with dependability and boasts an exemplary safety record. Its double licensing credentials sourced from Malta and the United Kingdom immediately sends out an assertive message about its credibility. The flexibility of handling various currencies and offering different payment gateways further enhances its appeal to a wide range of users. With a comprehensive selection of games including slots, Blackjack, Video poker, Live games, all from top-tier game providers, it caters for diverse gaming tastes. While there are areas for improvement such as extended live chat service hours and provider filters, Casiplay continuously works on providing a secure yet enjoyable gaming atmosphere. There are aspects that necessitate caution, particularly carefully reading the Bonus Terms and Conditions, but overall, Casiplay strikes a healthy balance between player-centric features and rigorous security protocols. Given its impressive range, multilingual platform, and commitment to user experience, Casiplay rightfully earns its stripes as a trustworthy option in the crowded sphere of online casinos.

Cleopatra Casino

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Evolving into a prominent platform since its inception in 2017, Cleopatra Casino has carved out a niche for itself in the realm of online gaming. Garnering plentiful revenue under the watchful eye of the Curaçao authority and as part of a prestigious casino group, it provides fluid transactions accommodating substantial winnings. The myriad of global gaming needs are well-addressed by an impressive list of notable game providers. Alongside giants like Microgaming and Betsoft Gaming, versatile currency options further add to the casino’s allure. Available around the clock, customer support via live chat ensures immediate problem-solving. While there is room for enhancement in terms of language availability on the website and provision of telephonic assistance, these relatively minor shortcomings take nothing away from its overall appeal. Some potential challenges include language barrier issues when understanding certain facets of terms and conditions, payment method fees, and limited compatibility among currencies and payment methods. Notwithstanding these, the compelling variety of games, customizable currency facilities and unparalleled customer support imparts Cleopatra Casino an upper hand in the intensely competitive virtual casino landscape.

Bitcoin Video Casino

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Launched in 2016, Bitcoin Video Casino is an online betting platform that exclusively accepts Bitcoin for transactions. Despite being on the smaller side in terms of revenue generation, which could potentially impede its capacity to handle substantial winnings, it provides a range of popular games such as Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps, dice games, and Keno. Nonetheless, some shortcomings worth mentioning include a lack of variety in betting options, bingo, baccarat and more. To add to the concerns, this online casino operates without a proper license, with no transparency about any further regulatory supervision. A notably missing feature is live customer support chat, making resolutions of potential issues challenging. Moreover, certain inconsistencies in their Terms and Conditions might result in unexpected confiscation of funds from inactive accounts. The dual-edged sword of anonymity also amplifies potential problems considering its unlicensed status and potential dormancy fees, despite uniquely offering an Android mobile app for players. Consequently, it’s imperative that potential gamblers carefully assess these considerations prior to engaging with Bitcoin Video Casino’s services.

22Fun Casino

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Sporting an intriguing digital playground for gambling aficionados, 22Fun Casino is an operation housed under Siamese CDs Inc. However, the validity of its licenses from both Myanmar and the Philippines (PAGCOR) remains questionable due to lack of verification. Its track record is fairly clean with no known complaints tied to its operations. It’s recommended that users tread carefully when using the casino’s bonuses due to potential inconsistencies in the terms and conditions. Despite being a smaller-scale casino with earnings exceeding $1,000,000, it assures regular payments but may resort to a gradual payout system for sizeable wins above USD100,000. The availability of a variety of payment channels does hint at possible fees on withdrawals. Their game offerings are vast, with industry giants like NetEnt and Microgaming in their roster, and the inclusion of round-the-clock live chat services enhances customer interaction. Aiming primarily at the Thailand market, the casino has services in English and Thai. Factoring in these elements, despite opportunities for betterment, 22Fun Casino stands as a credible and somewhat safe option for online gambling.