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Chanz Casino – Legit or Scam?

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Online gambling has sparked an influx of virtual casinos striving to meet the rising demand. A prominent name making waves in this arena is Chanz Casino. Launched in 2014 by Dreambox Games OÜ, it has garnered a considerable player base owing to its vast assortment of games, streamlined services, and most importantly, its commitment towards safety and security. In the pursuit of finding out whether Chanz Casino holds up to scrutiny, we delve into finer aspects such as player satisfaction, revenue generation, licensing, authenticity of its games, quality of customer support, fair play, and transaction limits among others. Our goal? To ascertain if Chanz Casino truly lives up to its claim of being a safe, reliable, and enjoyable online gambling platform.

Reputation and Reliability

Let’s break the ice with some good news – there are no notable complaints lodged against Chanz casino! This bodes well for prospective players. When paired with their reported annual revenue of over $20 million, this bolsters their credibility. As substantial earnings suggest ample financial backing, larger casinos like Chanz deal efficiently with sizeable payouts, thus alleviating concerns regarding winnings disbursements.


A key factor playing into an online casino’s legitimacy is its licensing details. Playing at a site that isn’t licensed exposes you to all sorts of dangers, including the potential for fraud. Chanz Casino is licensed by two reputable entities, Estonia (ETCB) and Sweden, therefore providing an additional layer of trustworthiness to its operations.

Transactions and Payments

Seamless transactions remain a crucial deciding point for gamblers. With Chanz Casino, withdrawal limitations are virtually non-existent for EUR currencies – win big and cash-out without worry! Furthermore, the extensive array of payment methods, from popular options like VISA and Mastercard to Trustly, Skrill, and EuTeller among others, makes transactions at Chanz Casino both convenient and secure.

Gaming Variety

No online casino review is complete without considering its gaming repertoire. Chanz Casino presents an expansive range of games including Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Betting, Video poker, Baccarat, Jackpot games, and Live games. With game providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming amongst others powering your play, you’re guaranteed engaging gameplay backed by quality graphics and reliable software.

Customer Support

Exceptional service extends beyond offering diverse games and secure transactions; it requires stellar customer support that promptly addresses user queries and concerns. Although Chanz Casino’s live chat services aren’t available 24/7, their amiable customer support can interact in multiple languages, including English, Estonian, Norwegian, Swedish.

In a Nutshell

Chanz Casino strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and safety. From its abundant gaming selection to its commitment towards securing your transactions, Chanz ensures a trustworthy gaming environment. Combine these with user-oriented customer support and substantial revenue generation, you have a casino that not only knows how to entertain but also provides peace of mind regarding user safety and fair play. So, is Chanz Casino legit or a scam? The verdict is crystal clear: Chanz Casino is indeed a safe and reliable place for online gambling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Chanz Casino and who owns it?

Chanz Casino is a well-established online gambling platform that made its debut in the online casino scene in 2014. The masterminds behind this venture are Dreambox Games OÜ, the proud owners of this virtual gaming hotspot. With years of experience and an unrelenting commitment to offering quality and exciting gameplay, Chanz Casino has managed to cement itself as a go-to destination for online gamblers.

2. Can I trust Chanz Casino with my money?

Absolutely! One of the biggest indicators favoring the trustwortnhiness of Chanz Casino is its impressive annual revenue which exceeds $20 million. High revenues signify robust financial standing and a larger capability to pay out even substantial wins without hurdles. Furthermore, being licensed by reputable authorities like Estonia (ETCB) and Sweden emphasizes on its limitation adherence and fair operation conducts.

3. How do withdrawals work at Chanz Casino?

Withdrawals at Chanz Casino have been designed keeping convenience in mind. There’s no limit for EUR withdrawals which means you can retrieve your winnings without having to worry about hitting any maximum withdrawal stipulations. Chanz supports a multitude of payment methods, allowing flexibility and accessibility. From popular options such as VISA and MasterCard to the likes of Skrill, Trustly or EuTeller, rest assured that at Chanz you can make transactions that are both convenient and secure.

4. What type of games does Chanz Casino offer?

As dedicated purveyors of engaging gaming opportunities, Chanz offers you an expansive catalogue to choose from. Players can enjoy everything from Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, to interesting picks like Betting, Video Poker, Baccarat, Jackpot games, and enriching Live dealer games. Moreover, the gaming providers are none other than industry pioneers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger Gaming amongst others.

5. How effective is Chanz Casino’s customer support?

Help is never far off with Chanz Casino’s friendly customer support. While their live chat isn’t available round the clock, you can always reach out to them for assistance. The support team’s multilingual proficiency further simplifies communication and ensures more players are comfortably accommodated across different geographies. Languages supported include English, Estonian, Norwegian, Swedish.

6. With so many online casinos available, why should I choose Chanz Casino?

Chanz Casino offers an experience that expertly melds entertainment with security. Its comprehensive selection of gaming options and a promise of secure transactions make it an appealing choice for online gambling enthusiasts. Add to that, its high revenue generation and multi-lingual customer support underline its reliability. It advocates transparency and maintains user-friendly operation methods showcasing its commitment towards offering a trustworthy gaming environment. In essence, if an engaging, safe and solid casino experience is what you seek, then Chanz Casino fits the bill perfectly.

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