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Casino Royal Dragon – Legit or Scam?

Casino Royal Dragon

As the digital age progresses, online gambling is becoming increasingly popular. However, ensuring the safety, security and transparency of online casinos, like Casino Royal Dragon, can be challenging. Established since 2016 under the ownership of PlayPearls Ltd, the question arises: Is this online platform credible enough? While questions of authenticity linger, the purpose of this comprehensive review is to erase those doubts by delving deeper into the various aspects of Casino Royal Dragon.

Ownership and Revenue

To assess the reliability of an online casino, exploring its owner and revenue facts is vital. Owned by PlayPearls Ltd, Casino Royal Dragon is a comparatively smaller casino revenue-wise. Although it is part of an association of related casinos, the size of the said group does not add much to its stature. While large scale casinos experience smooth pay-outs even for larger wins, smaller counterparts like Casino Royal Dragon might encounter difficulties in the case of exceptionally large winnings by players.


One of the good practices of reliable online casinos includes gaining official licenses from regulatory bodies, thereby ensuring lawful operations. Casino Royal Dragon asserts that it possesses a license from Curaçao. Nonetheless, attempts to verify this claim took a hit as precise documentation remains unrevealed. Consequently, due to unavailability of evidence regarding this alleged license, the veracity of this license’s existence stays disregarded thus marking against the credibility of Casino Royal Dragon.

User Complaints

Another essential consideration are player complaints. At present, we have registered 1 complaint directly linked to Casino Royal Dragon, along with 3 further grievances targeted towards other associated casinos. These complaints act as red flags raising significant doubts about the reputation of Casino Royal Dragon.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Other than licensing and complaints, understanding the bonus terms and conditions put forth by online casinos helps in gauging their fairness. When it comes to Casino Royal Dragon, specific bonus terms and conditions established by them can cause possible issues if players opt to benefit from such promos or bonuses.

Games And Other Features

Casino Royal Dragon provides an array of active games including slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, bingo, baccarat, live games, poker, craps and dice, keno, and scratch cards. But, services like betting, jackpot games, eSports betting, and crash games are inactive. The casino supports multiple languages with options like English, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Polish, and Swedish available on the website.

Highlighting some positive features, Casino Royal Dragon boasts a good game selection along with the availability of live dealer games. Nevertheless, negatives show up as not all terms and conditions get translated into every language option provided on the website, absence of live chat support, acceptance of only one currency and limited country-based payment methods availability, coupled with a low monthly withdrawal limit.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, considering the entirety of the information collected and evaluated for this review, the safety quotient for Casino Royal Dragon strikes low making it less recommended for most players. The purpose here is not to defame Casino Royal Dragon but to enlighten potential users about the risks associated and encouraging them to be wary while deciding to play through this platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the owner of Casino Royal Dragon?

Casino Royal Dragon is owned and operated by PlayPearls Ltd., which is known to operate a few other online casinos as well. However, compared to some larger umbrella companies in the industry, the size of PlayPearls Ltd.’s portfolio is quite humble.

2. Is Casino Royal Dragon a big player in the online casino industry?

No, Casino Royal Dragon cannot be considered a big player in the online casino industry. The revenues generated by the platform are relatively small, especially when considering the scale across the sector. Larger, more established casinos typically have more capital which enables them to pay out sizable winnings without experiencing financial strain. Smaller casinos like Casino Royal Dragon, however, may potentially struggle if players secure large wins.

3. What details about licensing are available for Casino Royal Dragon?

The platform states that it carries a license from Curaçao. Licensing is one of the fundamental factors that contribute to an online casino’s trustworthiness, making sure they comply with set standards and regulations. It helps potential players feel safe engaging with the casino. However, at present, the licensing claims made by Casino Royal Dragon couldn’t be verified due to lack of accessible documentation, and hence we advise caution.

4. Does Casino Royal Dragon attract user complaints?

Yes, our database reports several recorded complaints related to Casino Royal Dragon. There is one complaint directly targeted at this online casino and three other registered grievances that point towards casinos associated with it.

5. Are there any concerns regarding bonus terms and conditions offered by Casino Royal Dragon?

Yes, some rules tied to the bonuses and promotions of Casino Royal Dragon have been flagged as potentially unfair. These might potentially affect players who decide to avail them. Thus, understanding and thoroughly reviewing all terms and conditions is strongly advised before you opt to take advantage of any of these offers.

6. What kind of games does Casino Royal Dragon offer?

Casino Royal Dragon offers a variety of active games including slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, bingo, baccarat, live games, poker, craps and dice, keno, and scratch cards. Regrettably, they do not offer services like betting, jackpot games, eSports betting, and crash games as they are currently inactive on the platform.

7. Are there any positive features to note about Casino Royal Dragon?

Indeed, Casino Royal Dragon offers a good selection of games, which means players will find a considerable variety of options to choose from. Additionally, the platform also provides live dealer games, which can significantly enhance the gaming experience by bringing the atmosphere of a real casino right into your home environment.

8. Should potential users be aware of any caveats before choosing to play at Casino Royal Dragon?

Yes, it’s important for potential users to know that the casino’s operations present various drawbacks. Some of these include unavailability of multilingual support for all terms and conditions, lack of live chat customer service, acceptance of only one form of currency (i.e., euro), limited payment methods based on player’s location, and a comparatively low monthly withdrawal limit.

9. Based on the evaluation, is it recommended to use Casino Royal Dragon for online gambling?

Considering the information evaluated in our review, we don’t strongly endorse gambling on Casino Royal Dragon due to its low safety index. The intent here isn’t to degrade the casino, but rather help protect potential users by informing them of possible issues when using this platform. It’s vital to remember that safe online gambling should always be the priority, hence taking an informed decision is crucial.

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