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BensBingo Casino – Legit or Scam?

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Established in 2008 under the ownership of Innovus N.V., BensBingo Casino has raised a few eyebrows, mainly due to its lack of a proper gaming license, generating speculation about its legitimacy and safety. The discussion surrounding BensBingo Casino’s revenue, game genuineness, customer support quality, win-limits, terms and conditions, and most importantly, its legality, are the main focus of this article. We aim to provide an in-depth analysis from multiple aspects so that by the end, you can make an informed decision about whether BensBingo casino is safe or a scam.

Revenue and Limitations

BensBingo casino falls into the lower range in terms of revenue, posing questions on its ability to handle larger payouts. The monthly withdrawal limit lies at €5,000 which might impose restrictions for high stakes players. The casino’s financial position remains below $1 million, significantly smaller compared to other renowned platforms in the industry.

One positive note, however, it accepts payment through major channels like VISA, Mastercard, and AstroPay, showing a certain level of flexibility and reliability in terms of transactions.

License Status

A major red flag appears in the form of absent licenses. Any online casino operation devoid of a valid license does raise questions regarding their legal standpoints. In the case of BensBingo, it operates without any listed licensing authority, forcing players to rely solely on the casino’s fairness and administrative policies. If disputes arise, resolution options are severely limited as no regulatory oversight exists.

Customer Support and Gaming Experience

Surprisingly, BensBingo Casino lacks a dedicated customer service arm. Such a missing component may potentially lead to unresolved player issues and hinder the overall gaming experience. This lack of player assistance casts a notable shadow over the casino’s apparent commitment to user satisfaction.

On the flip side, BensBingo Casino boasts a diverse range of active games for players to enjoy. These include favourites like Slots, Bingo, and Jackpot games. However, several usual suspects are missing from the roster including Roulette, Blackjack, Betting, and Live games amongst others.

Safety Assessment

BensBingo operates in English and Norwegian but lacks live chat support—an essential feature in today’s digital age. A quick glance at its pros and cons reveals a good bingo selection and a focus on Bingo games as the positive aspects. Contrarily, negatives outline a limited game selection with no live dealer or chat support.

Describing BensBingo Casino as ‘safe’ would currently be a stretch considering the major gaps in licensing, customer service, and game variety. Caution is advised if you do decide to engage, given the concerningly low safety index it commands according to collected information and assessments.

Despite no relevant complaints being found about this casino, the evidence points towards inadequacies that require immediate attention. As an online casino guide, we strongly recommend taking these points into consideration before making a commitment and always putting your safety first when online gambling.

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Frequently Asked Questions about BensBingo Casino

1. What is the estimated revenue and withdrawal limit of the BensBingo Casino?

The estimated annual revenue for BensBingo Casino falls under the $1 million mark, categorising it as a smaller online casino according to the current gaming industry standards. This suggests that the casino might face challenges in dispensing sizeable winnings on occasions. As for the withdrawal limits, players can withdraw up to €5,000 per month, which may pose limitations especially to high-roll gamers who tend to play with and win larger money stakes.

2. What is the licensing status of BensBingo Casino?

In terms of legality and compliance, BensBingo Casino unfortunately raises some concerns as it currently operates without a valid license. This means the casino isn’t bound by any regulatory rules set by typical licensing authorities in the gaming industry. Therefore, if there happen to be issues or disputes during the course of gameplay, players don’t have a higher authority to turn to for grievances or complaints.

3. Does BensBingo Casino provide customer support?

Regrettably, one of the major drawbacks of BensBingo Casino is its complete lack of an established consumer support service. This omission creates potential difficulties for players who might face issues requiring prompt resolution. Without the provision of a dedicated assistance team, getting queries addressed or problems solved may become ineffective and extremely frustrating for users.

4. What are the active games at BensBingo Casino?

Even though BensBingo Casino does not boast a comprehensive roll of game options, the active choices available consist of Slots, Bingo, and Jackpot games. This selection does offer variety, but is significantly smaller compared to other platforms. Absent categories include popular ones like Roulette, Blackjack, Betting, Live games and several others.

5. How safe is it to play with BensBingo Casino?

As it stands, it would be difficult to categorically declare BensBingo Casino as entirely safe. Despite not having any noted complaints against its operations, major gaps exist that raise questions. The lack of a gaming license and customer support team combine to produce an operational environment that might potentially invite player dissatisfaction. Additionally, the absence of live chat support with only English and Norwegian language options limits the spectrum of user ease. When factoring in these points, we advise players to tread carefully when choosing to game with BensBingo.

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