96M Casino – Legit or Scam?

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Welcome to our comprehensive review of 96M Casino, a digital gaming establishment owned by 96M Technology CO. Ltd., with a focus on its safety and legitimacy. For avid online casino enthusiasts, the question of legality looms large. More so for 96M Casino, a medium-sized platform mainly popular in Singapore and Malaysia, known for both its casino games and sports betting options. Launched in 2014, this casino offers a variety of games, and we delve deep into the crux of its operation, targeting primarily its legitimacy and the safety it offers players.

License and Registration

A significant red flag about 96M Casino is its licensing status. Our investigation reveals that the casino uses a phony license, pretending to harbor genuine authorization, but failing under close scrutiny. This indicator casts a significant doubt on the reliability of this online gambling platform, suggesting that it might be untrustworthy.

Revenue and Payment Limitations

As an admittedly smaller revenue-wise casino, 96M Casino could potentially struggle with considerable payouts. The casino also imposes withdrawal limits of 1,500,000 RM per month and 50,000 RM per day. We consider any win limit to be extremely unfair to players. Alarmingly, the platform has set a $150,000 daily net win limit, calculated as the difference between your wins and your wagered money. Meaning you can’t win more than $150,000 in one day, or else won’t receive the money exceeding the limit.

Payment Methods and Currencies

A distinct limitation of 96M Casino’s service is its restricted choice of payment methods. While it does accept Bitcoin and a range of other lesser-known methods like Help2Pay and VADERPAY, the limited options may not cater to a broader segment of potential users. The casino also limits play currencies to MYR and SGD.

Games and Game Providers

Players at 96M Casino have a fair amount of game variety with active games ranging from Slots and Roulette to Live games, and eSports betting. Despite this diversity, Poker and Crash games are notably absent. The platform collaborates with multiple providers known in the industry such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution Gaming among others. However, access to these game providers is not uniform for all countries.

Support and Language Accessibility

One positive aspect is the 24/7 live chat support service available in English, Chinese, and Malay. These languages are also supported across the website, promoting user accessibility.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Based on our assessment, we find 96M Casino’s Safety Index to be rated low, casting apprehensions on its players’ security. Blaring issues include the use of a fake license, unfair terms and conditions, and the $150,000 win limit per day. Consequently, playing at this casino might carry substantial risk, and we advise you to explore safer alternatives.

Alongside some serious concerns, there are advantages. Live dealer games can enrich the gameplay experience, and round-the-clock live chat promotes player assistance. However, the safety issues cannot be ignored in considering the overall experience, prompting us to discourage usage due to its Low Safety Index.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who owns 96M Casino?

96M Casino is owned and operated by a company termed as ’96M Technology CO. Ltd.’ It was established in the year 2014 and has been operating as an online casino since then, serving predominantly in Singapore and Malaysia. The casino also offers sports betting.

2. What is concerning about 96M Casino’s license?

Our exploration into 96M Casino’s operation uncovers a significant irregularity related to its licensing. The casino alleges to hold a license, however, on closer examination, we found that this claim is deceitful and invalid. In essence, this discovery suggests that 96M Casino operates without the requisite authorization, presumably pretending to have the permit when it does not actually possess a legitimate one, which raises substantial concerns regarding its credibility and legality.

3. Are there any issues with 96M Casino’s withdrawal limits and revenue?

In terms of operational capacity, 96M Casino’s financial ecosystem could potentially fail to honor large-scale payouts due to the entity being smaller in terms of revenue generation. The platform sets withdrawal restrictions of 50,000 RM per day and up to 1,500,000 RM per month. More worryingly, there exists a daily net win limit of $150,000, which means a player cannot gain more than this stipulated sum in a single day. This harsh restriction appears deeply unfair to players and contributes negatively to the platform’s overall appeal.

4. How diverse are payment options and accepted currencies at 96M Casino?

Another limitation specific to 96M Casino is the restricted range of payment methods and available play currencies. The casino uses methods such as Bitcoin, Help2Pay, Truepay, VADERPAY, and several others. It should be noted that these options might not necessarily fit the preferences or comfort of a broader segment of international players. Additionally, gaming enthusiasts can only engage with the platform using MYR and SGD currencies which could pose further inconveniences.

5. What game providers does 96M Casino collaborate with?

On a more upbeat note, 96M Casino associates with numerous well-known game providers in the industry. Some striking names include NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and many others. However, availability of these providers’ games may not be uniform across all countries, thereby limiting the overall access and recreational enjoyment for some users.

6. How accessible is customer support at 96M Casino?

Another positive attribute of 96M Casino’s operation is its efficient customer support service. The casino provides 24/7 live chat assistance to address any player queries or concerns. To cater to its main user base, the service is multilingual and offers support in English, Chinese, and Malay, which also aligns with the languages available on the website.

7. Is it safe to play at 96M Casino?

Based on our thorough survey of various aspects including licensing, financial regulations, accessibility, and language support among others, we currently rate 96M Casino’s Safety Index as low. This means that certain elements of this platform raise substantial doubts about its safety, posing potential risks for players. Instances of deceit such as the use of a fake license, along with unfair conditions like strict win limitations cast a shadow over the overall trustworthiness and security offered by this casino. Therefore, while playing at this casino could potentially offer certain advantages in terms of game variety and customer support, it is important to ponder over the substantial risks and we advise exploring safer alternatives to safeguard your interests.

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The flourishing online casino, 24betting, controlled by Black Swan Capital Europe Limited and in operation since 2020, has undergone exhaustive scrutiny to ensure its safety credentials and authenticity. The result is a strong Safety Index rating. Although its license is issued from Costa Rica – not considered a high-ranking authority – the casino mitigates this through staggering annual earnings over $20 million and a vast network of players. 24betting features an array of favored game options such as slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and engaging live dealer games. Players enjoy the convenience of numerous payment gateways like VISA, Mastercard, bank transfers, UPI, Google Pay, and others without any maximum restrictions on withdrawals. The casino prides itself with round-the-clock live chat assistance and an extensive assortment of premium live dealer games. Despite its limited provisions for responsible gaming, its rich features overshadow these boundaries. Therefore, the comprehensive evaluation reaffirms 24betting Casino as an incredibly secure and trusted portal for online gambling enthusiasts.

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21 Prive Casino, operational since 2014 under the management of White Hat Gaming Limited, is a legitimate online gaming platform presently applauded for its stringent safety measures. As accredited by both UK and Malta, it provides an assured secure betting landscape for gaming enthusiasts. Although, it does house terms and conditions that appear to be biased towards the house mostly in areas concerning bonuses and promotions – but the sterling quality of the overall gaming experience it furnishes is noteworthy. A substantial caveat to bear in mind is the ceiling cap on winnings at $250,000 per spin. Boasting a plethora of payment mediums and an expansive game catalog, 21 Prive Casino promises to satiate a wide spectrum of gamers’ preferences. Its multi-lingual interface further fuels its global allure. A handful of minor drawbacks do exist, yet the advantages overshadow these shortcomings considerably at 21 Prive Casino, not just delivering top-notch gaming, but unwavering assurance of robust security for its player’s finances.