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7Games.bet Casino – Legit or Scam?

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7Games.bet is a fresh face in the bustling world of online casinos. Established in 2022 by SuperJogos N.V., this new online gambling venue has already garnered interest from gamers across the globe. However, as with any newcomer to the industry, potential users naturally question the legitimacy and safety of the platform. This article aims to delve into the credibility, revenue, licences, payment methods, and the overall quality of customer support provided by 7Games.bet Casino.

Is 7Games.bet Casino Safe?

Safety and legitimacy are two primary concerns for any online casino gamer. 7Games.bet Casino operates under the license obtained from Curaçao, which assures players worldwide that the casino operations comply with international gambling norms. Additionally, no significant conditions or warnings about this casino have been reported, solidifying its claims of being a credible platform.

The Crux of the Casino: Its Offerings

As an exciting addition to the fabric of online casinos, 7Games.bet Casino caters to a variety of player preferences. It boasts active games like Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video poker, Bingo, Live Games, and eSports betting, amongst others. While there is currently a lack of Jackpot games and Poker, these may potentially be included with future updates. Multi-acclaimed game providers like Pragmatic Play, Evoplay, Quickspin, BGaming, and many more supply their library of games.

Even though it’s recently established, 7Games.bet, surprisingly, has managed to recognizably enhance the user experience by tailor-making its website available in multiple languages, including English and Portuguese, aligning with its international target audience.

Revenue, Financials, and Monetary Transactions

When it comes to financial considerations, the revenue of a casino plays a vital role. It’s often taken as an indicator of its ability to payout considerable wins. Being relatively new, 7Games.bet Casino is classified as a smaller casino revenue-wise. However, with revenues exceeding $1,000,000 already, bigger wins payouts shouldn’t be an issue.

For withdrawals, 7Games.bet Casino adopts caps on limits. Per day, withdrawal limited to 100,000 R$, while players can withdraw up to 3,000,000 R$ per month. Currencies accepted include USD, EUR, and BRL, making it more accessible for international players. The site also provides two payment methods – PIX and Paybrokers, which could be limiting for some users.

Customer Support Quality

Quality customer support enhances a player’s confidence in an online casino, and 7Games.bet Casino offers just that – albeit, with some improvements needed. Users have access to customer support representatives who are quick to lend a helping hand. However, feedback suggests that the responses could be prompter and more resourceful.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, while being newly established, 7Games.bet Casino has made impressive strides in creating a secure and user-centric platform for gamers. There’s potential for improvement, notably around customer service and payment method options, but these are likely to evolve with time. This review rates 7Games.bet Casino as a promising, safe and legitimate online gaming option for thrill-seekers worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 7Games.bet Casino

What is 7Games.bet Casino and when was it established?

7Games.bet is an online casino platform, a virtual space designed to bring the thrilling world of real-life casinos right at your fingertips. SuperJogos N.V., known entity in the gambling industry, holds the owner’s mantle for this establishment. They brought 7Games.bet Casino into existence fairly recently, in the year 2022.

Is 7Games.bet Casino a legitimate operation or a scam?

From what we’ve gathered, legitimacy concerns regarding 7Games.bet Casino can be put to rest. It operates under a license issued by Curaçao, one of the well-known licensors globally in the iGaming industry. Furthermore, our research and extensive review found no red flags that could characterize this online casino as a scam.

Which games are available on 7Games.bet Casino?

7Games.bet Casino hosts an array of games, catering to diverse player tastes. Patrons can indulge in several game categories such as Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video poker, Bingo, Live Games, and eSports betting to mention a few. Currently, offerings like Jackpot games, Poker, Craps, and Crash games are not active but could potentially make their debut on the platform as it keeps evolving.

Does 7Games.bet Casino facilitate easy financial transactions?

While it could enhance its versatility in payment method options, 7Games.bet Casino currently offers two primary payment methods: PIX and Paybrokers. As far as currencies accepted for monetary transactions are concerned, players can use USD, EUR, or BRL for their activities on the platform.

How about customer support at 7Games.bet Casino? Is it reliable?

Customer support at 7Games.bet Casino meets user needs, but with room for improvements. Although customer support representatives are available and willing to assist, feedback suggests a scope for better responsiveness and helpfulness.

Can players win big at 7Games.bet Casino without worrying about payouts?

Indeed. Even though 7Games.bet Casino falls on the smaller side concerning revenue among online casinos, it doesn’t skimp on player payouts. With reported revenues over $1,000,000, they have the financial backbone to handle substantial wins. Adopting a winning payout system with caps, players can withdraw up to 100,000 R$ per day or up to a whopping 3,000,000 R$ per month.

In what languages is the 7Games.bet Casino website available?

The creators of 7Games.bet Casino have made inclusivity one of their pillars by offering the website in multiple languages. Currently, users can navigate the site and interact with customer support in English and Portuguese, providing a comfortable gaming experience for a wide audience.

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With its establishment in 2016, 1xBit Casino, an exclusive cryptocurrency gambling platform, offers intriguing features yet simultaneously triggers safety and authenticity queries. The casino’s revenue does not surpass the $1,000,000 mark, classifying it as a small-scale entity in this industry and possibly highlighting issues related to large-scale payouts. Since it operates without any licensing, it circumvents regulatory structures put in place to safeguard players’ interests. While the platform proudly showcases a diverse range of games from various providers to suit different preferences, it sparks worries as it heavily inclines towards sports betting over more conventional casino games. The website tries to tailor to global audiences through multi-language support, although the complete translation of their terms and conditions into all languages is occasionally neglected. Despite visible benefits that 1xBit Casino seems to offer, such as a mobile application for both iOS and Android users, unsolved grievances and undisclosed ownership adds fuel to skeptical views about its safety. Therefore, potential gamblers are urged to tread this platform with caution, as the appeal of its wide variety of games might overshadow security considerations.

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Launched in 2018 by Umbrella Development B.V., the 4raBet Casino has swiftly gained recognition as a profitable online gambling venue, boasting of revenues that exceed $20 million. Licensed under the jurisdiction of Curaçao, it commands a strong sense of trustworthiness among users on a global scale. With diverse payment and withdrawal thresholds, it features conventional methods like Google Pay and innovative options including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. While 4raBet hosts an impressive selection of games from renowned providers like Microgaming and Playtech, its primary commitment is to sports betting. Although there are isolated grievances, the overall safety reputation of 4raBet remains commendable, which further solidifies its credibility over fraudulent entities. However, potential obstacles could arise for non-English speakers, as not every language offered fully translates all terms.

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In our thorough evaluation of 12Play Casino’s safety aspects, we discovered an amalgamation of both commendable and troubling factors. As a widely popular online casino among Singaporean and Malaysian users, 12Play provides an extensive array of gaming options from reputed providers, offers round-the-clock live chat assistance, and has an impressive cap on withdrawal. Nevertheless, its standing on our Safety Index is ‘below average.’ Questions concerning 12Play’s credibility come to the fore due to the unsubstantiated licensing allegedly from PAGCOR in the Philippines and registered player grievances. Moreover, suspicions heighten due to potentially unjust provisions in its Bonus Terms & Conditions, non-transparent casino proprietorship, and deficient responsible gambling measures. It exclusively accepts currencies MYR and SGD, supports a narrow selection of payment mechanisms, and imposes daily and monthly withdrawal restrictions. Hence, despite some appealing attributes, these particular shortcomings call for heightened vigilance by potential players.

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Active in the online gaming industry since 2006, 3DICE Casino is a part of the Danmar Investment Group Curaçao N.V. It holds a valid license from Curaçao and while it may fall under the smaller category in terms of revenue, its high regard in the sector is noteworthy. One of 3DICE’s commendable attributes is its above-average safety rating, backed by comprehensive payment options including major currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR. Despite sourcing its diverse game portfolio from just one provider, players can revel in a dynamic gaming experience. As a potential player, it is important to meticulously examine any contentious aspects of Bonus Terms and Conditions before participation. Although there aren’t explicit constraints on withdrawal limits, large sums are partitioned into monthly payouts. 3DICE ensures player assistance around the clock, offering customer support in various languages and welcoming international members. Conclusive observation reveals that although certain aspects could benefit from enhancement, 3DICE excels in maintaining high levels of player security and user experience, thus enriching its overall reliability.

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Established in 2012 and under the stewardship of Pas.Co bvba, 36win Casino is a fully licensed online gaming hub, endorsed by Belgium’s KSC. This credible casino primarily serves European players without imposing any restrictions on Euro withdrawals, honoring various payment methods for flexibility. Though its revenue of less than $1 million doesn’t compete with larger counterparts, the lack of customer complaints indicates an emphasis on fair practices and player satisfaction. The casino showcases a plethora of games from multiple providers designed for player engagement, despite a limited offering of live game experiences. Although devoid of a live chat functionality, multilingual support in English, French, and Dutch enables seamless user assistance. Its connections to land-based casinos and sports bars supplement player trust. The essence of 36win Casino lies in offering a secure, enjoyable, and user-centric platform regardless of winnings size. A considerable safety index further cements its reputation as a trustworthy and legitimate online casino.