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21 Grand Casino – Legit or Scam?

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Welcome to our comprehensive review of 21 Grand Casino, an online portal established by Cyberrock Entertainment in 2009. Within the realm of gaming, gambling responsibly and securely has gained paramount importance. To navigate through the labyrinth of numerous online casinos, having our focus on essential factors such as player complaints, revenues, licenses and game authenticity helps in evaluating a casino’s credibility. This review aims at scrutinizing these critical indicators of safety for 21 Grand Casino.

Does Size Matter?

Small and cozy, 21 Grand Casino might not initially attract those who measure reliability with size, but its real performance needed deeper demystification. A point to ponder: Larger casinos have more ability to address substantial wins while small-sized casinos can often stumble over large pay-outs.

Fair Play and Player Experiences

Although a diversified gaming experience is provided – ranging from Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video poker to Keno and Scratch cards – there are some heavily disconcerting reports. We currently have seven direct concerns listed about this casino in addition to 34 grievances concerning casinos related to it.

A potent deterrent about engaging with 21 Grand Casino comes in the form of 3 blacklists where they’ve made themselves seen. Such appearances usually portend circumstances that can adversely impact your gameplay and result in unpleasant experiences.

Terms You Must Know

Discontentment breeds resentment! The same applies to the casino experiences wherein players often find their excitement bureaucracy-laden with intricate rules enveloping bonuses and promotions. Following this, players often end up advising newcomers to look for casinos with unbiased rules or give extraordinary heed to the existing Terms and Conditions while playing at 21 Grand Casino.

‘remaining focused on fairness is always advisable when selecting an online casino. Sadly, we did uncover some unsettling bonus conditions that might give you pause if you’re considering playing at 21 Grand Casino.

Deposit and Withdrawal Concerns

One should be mindful of their payment policies wherein all accumulations within 249 USD/EUR/GBP/AUS (or currency equivalent) get capped at 10X during a gameplay session. Also, the withdrawal and deposit procedures can incur additional charges. The available payment methods it supports are diverse, including Neteller, Skrill, PaySafeCard, VISA, Mastercard, Giropay, Sofort Banking, Neosurf, American Express, Bitcoin, Wire-transfer, UPayCard, BPay, Cashlib, PayID, Discover.


Owing to our meticulous review, it’s critical to note that 21 Grand Casino has resulted in quite a low safety index and has a questionable reputation. We recommend players to evaluate options and be very careful before proceeding with this platform. Your experience and safety within the world of online gaming should always remain a priority!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who owns the 21 Grand Casino?

The 21 Grand Casino is owned by Cyberrock Entertainment, a business entity in the virtual gaming industry.

2. How long has 21 Grand Casino been in operation?

Having opened its online doors to avid casino enthusiasts worldwide in 2009, 21 Grand Casino has been active for over a decade now.

3. What type of games does 21 Grand Casino offer?

At 21 Grand Casino, an extensive selection of games awaits players. The range includes Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video poker, Jackpot games, Live games, Keno and Scratch cards. However, a set of several non-active game types like Betting, Bingo, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, eSports betting and Crash games are also noticeable.

4. What payment methods does 21 Grand Casino accept?

21 Grand Casino provides players various options to make their withdrawals and deposits. Payment methods accepted by the platform are Neteller, Skrill, PaySafeCard, VISA, Mastercard, Giropay, Sofort Banking, Neosurf, American Express, Bitcoin, Wire-transfer, UPayCard, BPay, Cashlib, PayID, and Discover. This selection ensures convenience and versatility; however, it’s prudent to check that your preferred payment method applies to your country.

5. Are there any complaints against 21 Grand Casino?

Unfortunately, 21 Grand Casino has attracted a reasonable number of user complaints and even finds a place on three blacklists. We found seven direct passing concerns from users regarding this platform, along with 34 others targeting associated casinos. The grievances mostly revolve around its bonus norms, sizeable dormant account fees, and confusions surrounding the payment limitations.

6. What measures can I take if I decide to play at 21 Grand Casino?

Great caution is advised if you still choose to go ahead with 21 Grand Casino. Pertain attention to terms and conditions before starting is recommended. Understanding their bonus regulations, in particular, is critical since many previous players had unfavorable experiences due to misleading bonus conditions.

7. How safe is 21 Grand Casino?

Based on our comprehensive review and the findings, we deduce that 21 Grand Casino has a low safety index due to several black points chalked on it. Given this data, we suggest gamers approach this casino cautiously. It usually reflects lesser guarantees of a satisfactory experience compared to other options available in the vast expanse of virtual gaming.

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The Online Casino 10bet ZA, a relatively recent entrant into South Africa’s online gaming landscape in 2022, triggers questions regarding its authenticity and protection for players. Despite having received no direct complaints from users, as well as offering an impressive range of stimulating games and versatile payment options, sufficient cause for concern clouds its operations. The potential pitfalls include: lack of verifiable licensing proof, unclear terms and conditions that impose a daily cap on winnings, and obscure ownership details. The doubt surrounding the casino’s license authenticity signifies a possible breach of regulatory requirements, which is of primary concern. Given these issues, we caution prospective participants to refrain from playing at this casino due to its low safety score. It’s crucial to bear in mind that while delving into the exciting realm of online gambling, personal safety should reign paramount – as critical as finding a successful slot or card game to play. With the paramountcy of such factors prevalent, we advise you to keep away from 10bet Casino ZA until it addresses these concerns and demonstrates its dedication towards ensuring player rights and protection.

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0039bet Casino, a recent venture by E-PLAY 24 ITA LTD established in the year 2023, resides in Italy and serves a broad array of popular games sourced from industry leaders like NetEnt and Betsoft Gaming. This blossoming online casino holds a prestigious ADM license from Italy, reaffirming its credibility via a clean record untouched by any player grievances. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, it convincingly displays strong indicators of honesty and integrity. Its foolproof payment modes, inclusive of PayPal and VISA, the adoption of Euro (EUR) as its currency, and unwavering commitment to fair play principles are all testimony to its legitimacy. Notable attributes such as a live lottery and dealer games make it appealing, although one potential concern emerges from the lack of round-the-clock live chat support, presenting possible delays in addressing immediate customer needs. Nevertheless, 0039bet Casino is shaping up to be a safe and seamless online gaming platform with remarkable potential for garnering user loyalty and trust.

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In an in-depth exploration of 1RU.BET Casino, a newcomer on the online casino scene since 2020, several promising features were noted along with certain drawbacks. It’s unclear whether its licensing status, purportedly under the jurisdiction of Curaçao, can be firmly confirmed, which stirs doubts about its authenticity. Additionally, the stated revenue of less than $1,000,000 triggers uncertainty regarding the casino’s ability to handle large payouts, despite impressive daily and monthly withdrawal limits. Yet, positive aspects like an expansive selection of games from top-rated providers, compatibility with multiple currencies, and a broad range of payment options increase its allure. On the downside, the live chat support is only available in English and Russian, posing potential obstacles to problem resolution for those not fluent in these languages. In sum, the safety of this casino hangs in the balance, urging potential gamers to tread carefully.

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In 2018, Alpha Interactive Solutions N.V. Casinos launched 14red Casino on the online gaming platform and it has certainly made its presence felt. With a total revenue surpassing the one million mark, no eyebrows are raised regarding its payout potential. However, there is discussion about the genuineness of its license as we’ve not been able to confirm its authenticity, making one question the casino’s overall transparency. More so, multiple grievances have been aired against the casino and its sister platforms, boosting customer uncertainty. Certain potentially unfair clauses lurking in the casino’s policies are also concerning. Despite these drawbacks, no one can overlook their impressive roster of games, sourced from reputable providers, even though few game genres aren’t activated. A diverse array of transaction methods such as Neteller, Skrill, VISA are supported but the monthly withdrawal ceiling is limited to €5,000, which could be discouraging for prolific winners. On top of this, customer service may be less than satisfactory given the unavailability of round-the-clock live chat support. Therefore, while 14red Casino excels in quite a few areas, safety concerns remain an issue that can’t be sidelined.

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1xBet Casino NG, under the ownership of Beaufortbet Nigeria Limited, has captivated the digital casino industry with its vast range of games and impressive revenue, often exceeding $100 million. This online platform is regulated and licensed in Nigeria, thus offering players unrestricted withdrawals in euro, and various payment methods. However, it’s worth noting that some player grievances related to bonus terms, conditions, and withdrawal processes have arisen, urging participants to exercise prudent judgement. Although these issues persist, the platform scores favorably across numerous areas including game selection, user-friendliness, and extensive currency acceptance. Still, past discrepancies warrant necessary precautions by users. Therefore, although 1xBet Casino NG presents an attractive option for a diverse gaming cohort, its appropriateness hinges primarily on personal preferences weighed against essential factors such as safety and fair play.

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In our ongoing exploration of online gaming venues, some reservations have been expressed regarding the safety and authenticity of 123 Vegas Casino, a virtual establishment not particularly distinguished in revenue generation. The validity of this platform remains questionable in light of its operation without an internationally recognized license. This disparity corrodes its reputation as a secured domain, compounded by existing player grievances recorded on our forum. While enticing incentives are proffered, their contingent terms and regulations can spark disagreements if not read and interpreted with due diligence. Although a collection of live games are accessible to players, the casino lacks an ample variety of offerings and collaborating game developers. Monetary transactions, conducted solely in USD, are allowed via a limited range of methods characteristic of Bitcoin. Praise is warranted for the continual availability of live customer assistance, which adds value to user experience, even though it fails to minimize the relatively low safety valuation attributed to this platform because of its cumulative shortcomings. Therefore, we strongly recommend that potential players tread lightly when considering interaction with this specific online casino, or better yet, opt for alternative platforms that have received higher security endorsements.

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1xSlots Casino, in business since 2017, is a well-established and secure online gaming venue owned by Orakum N.V. It proudly carries an active license from Curaçao, maintaining impressive revenues which prove its ability to take care of significant player winnings. A collaboration with premier game providers ensures it offers an excellently delightful array of gaming options such as Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack, to name a few. As for financial transactions, 1xSlots enables the use of various payment methods and currencies, exemplified by the uncapped withdrawal limits, a standout feature especially attractive to Canadian players. The provision of multi-language support and 24/7 live chat further refines the user experience. While there are minor areas for improvement, including widening language support in live chat and expanding availability of specific payment methods globally, 1xSlots enjoys a remarkable reputation. Consequently, these aspects highlight that 1xSlots Casino extends a reliable and fulfilling gaming environment, reinforcing its solid credibility within the online casino landscape.

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20Bet Casino, a renowned online gaming platform owned by TechSolutions Group N.V., is proof that great things can come in smaller packages. Even though it only emerged in 2020, this nimble casino surpasses its contemporaries with a rich portfolio of games supplied by industry giants like NetEnt and Betsoft Gaming. Ranging from slots to blackjack, live dealer games to bingo, and even eSports betting – the options are plentiful. As for legality, 20Bet holds licenses from both Curaçao and Kahnawake, promising secure bets to its users. To cater to its diverse user base, the site is multilingual and supports numerous payment methods. However, its commitment to global players may falter slightly with live chat support not always available in all languages. Despite this minor hitch, 20Bet Casino’s consistent performance has cemented its reputation as a reliable platform that delivers safe and satisfactory online gaming experience.