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1xBit Casino – Legit or Scam?

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As the saga of online gambling rolls on, one cannot overlook 1xBit Casino. This digital-playground, established in 2016, has carved a unique niche for itself by exclusively accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum among others. However, when it comes to the question of safety, many punters might take pause, given the casino operates without a license. Comprehensive scrutiny of player feedback, revenue estimates, game authenticity, customer support quality, fairness of terms and conditions unveils that this crypto-gaming haven may not be the safest bet out there.

Analyzing Safety

When investigating any online casino’s credibility, one pivotal factor is its revenue generation. A large turnover usually translates into trouble-free payouts, even hefty ones. In comparison to market giants, 1xBit’ s revenue falls shy of $1,000,000, labeling it as a relatively smaller contender in the industry. This might raise concerns about timely, uninhibited withdrawals, especially in case of significant wins. The silver lining? There are no specified withdrawal limits for Bitcoin.

The lack of a valid license cannot be overlooked and forms a major red flag. Licenses function as guarantees that casinos will adhere to a set of rules and standards laid down by the issuing authorities. Thus, absence of such an authoritative endorsement can give rise to misgivings regarding players’ rights protection and rectification of any inconsistencies that arise.

Moreover, our research into 1xBit reveals four lodged complaints about its functioning. However, these grievances do not influence the overall rating significantly. Nor do two instances of blacklisting, assumedly tied to previous owners or other justified reasons.

Dive Into Games Galore

Beyond the qualms of safety, 1xBit does impress in facets majorly concerning player engagement: diversity and quantity of games. The panoramic array caters to various tastes. From slots, roulette, blackjack, live games to eSports betting, it seems equipped enough to satiate the most prolific gamers. Worth noting though, poker fans are left unfulfilled as this staple casino game is inactive here.

Fending gaming content from seasoned developers such as Rival, Betsoft Gaming, EvoPlay, Booming Games, and many more, ensures an expansive, engaging, and qualitative gaming experience for visitors.

Language and Support

Another aspect where the platform tries to bridge gaps is by providing a multilingual website. English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese etc., the list scales up to an impressive forty-plus languages. Albeit, the translation of terms and conditions into all the provided languages is yet to be achieved.

The customer live chat support reflects similar linguistic diversity indicating an attempt to cater to players worldwide.

Noteworthy Aspects

Attracting attention to certain beneficial traits, 1xBit offers its mobile casino application for iOS and Android users enhancing accessibility. Despite its undisclosed ownership, which can further fuel suspicion on security matters, the casino has managed to create an extensive pool of games from multiple providers, proffering a wholesome gaming palette to its clients.

However, a noticeable drawback for pure casino lovers might be the evident tilt of 1xBit towards sports betting, forsaking the traditional casino portion to an extent.

In conclusion, despite the perks that 1xBit brings with its wide range of games and flexible language options, the underlying concerns about safety and legitimacy hold weight. Potential gamblers tread with caution; the crypto-centric casino may not be the best of havens for your wagers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 1xBit Casino and when was it established?

1xBit Casino is an online gambling platform that came into existence in the year 2016. Unlike many other online casinos, 1xBit exclusively accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This feature allows it to stand out in the crowd. A wide variety of crypto options including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin among others are accepted at this casino.

2. Do all online casinos need to have a license? Why does 1xBit operate without one?

Yes, having a valid license is a key indicator of the credibility and safety of any online casino. Licensing authorities enforce certain rules and standards that the casino must adhere to. Unfortunately, 1xBit Casino operates without a license. The absence of this crucial element means there are no regulatory bodies overlooking the operations of the casino, potentially making it riskier for players, especially when disagreements or problems arise.

3. How diverse is the gaming collection at 1xBit?

In terms of the number and variety of games, 1xBit hosts a diverse array, much to the delight of enthusiastic gamblers. It offers a range of options from slots, roulette, blackjack to unconventional ones like eSports betting and live games. However, two significant games inactive on the platform include poker and crash games.

4. Who provides the games for 1xBit Casino?

1xBit has partnered with several renowned game developers to provide a broad range of exciting games. High-profile names such as Rival, Betsoft Gaming, EvoPlay, Booming Games, etc., are behind the games provided by 1xBit. This variety ensures that players can enjoy an extensive array of quality games.

5. Is customer support multilingual at 1xBit Casino?

Yes, another feature of 1xBit Casino that stands out is its multilingual customer support. It provides live chat support in multiple languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. The availability of support in many languages indicates the casino’s intention to cater to a global audience.

6. Does 1xBit have a mobile application?

Yes, aiming for greater accessibility and convenience, the casino has developed a mobile application for both iOS and Android users. This allows players to enjoy their favorite games anytime and anywhere as long as they have access to the internet on their mobile devices.

7. Has 1xBit received complaints?

Yes, during our research we found that 1xBit had a few lodged complaints in its trajectory. However, it’s worth noting that the number of these complaints has not been high enough to influence significantly the overall rating of the casino.

8. What are some of the negatives about 1xBit?

Despite its attractive aspects, with an undisclosed ownership status and no license, 1xBit raises questions in terms of safety and transparency. Furthermore, not all the terms and conditions displayed on the website are translated into the language options provided. This can lead to confusion among non-English speakers who might face difficulties understanding the specified rules. Also, it’s important for the prospective player to note that 1xBit seems to focus more predominantly on sports betting rather than traditional casino games.

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In this in-depth analysis of the 1RU.BET Casino, an online gambling platform that launched in 2020, we unearthed both commendable features and possible drawbacks. The definitive legitimacy of the casino, which purports to hold a license from Curaçao, remains ambiguous and calls for attention. The publicized revenue of less than $1,000,000 also casts a shadow on the casino’s ability to manage substantial payouts despite noteworthy daily and monthly withdrawal limits. On a positive note, the casino prides itself on a broad selection of games offered by reputed providers, a multi-currency system, and multiple payment methods, intensifying its allure. Regrettably, customer assistance via live chat is confined to English and Russian languages only, potentially posing resolution barriers for users who are not proficient in these languages. Summararily, the safety aspect of this online casino remains undecided, urging prospect gambler to tread with caution.

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Treading its decade-long journey in the gaming industry since its inception in 2010 by Winners Bookmakers Nigeria Limited, the 1960bet.com Casino lends its services primarily to Nigerian clientele. Despite being prominently a sports betting platform, rather than a regular casino site, the revenue generation reported for this venue is notably under $1,000,000 – sending unsolicited concerns about its authenticity spiraling through its audience. Backed by an unvalidated Nigerian license further aggravates these security alarms. Additional policy-related deterrents like a daily net win cap set at 500,000 ₦ also profoundly impact user experiences of fair-play. Although there is some redemption in its diverse regional payment options and round-the-clock accessibility via WhatsApp’s live chat support feature, customer relations often fall short with noted lag-times in responses. Weighing the pros against such significant cons leads us to render a low safety rating for this online casino avenue. Enthusiasts are thus advised to practise discretion when engaging with this platform or consider safer alternatives for unmatched gaming experiences within secure environments.