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18bet Casino – Legit or Scam?

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An online establishment that has been popular with players since its inception in 2011, 18bet Casino, owned by Shark77 Limited, is an intriguing prospect for many. However, given its burgeoning profile, it’s crucial to dissect the safety measures it provides. This online casino requires meticulous focus on its licenses, revenue, player complaints, legitimacy of games, quality of customer support, and fairness of terms among other factors.

A Deeper Dive into Safety Measures

18bet Casino operates under a Malta license, reinforcing its credibility to some extent as this jurisdiction is relatively strict. In terms of revenue, it records less than $1 million, marking it as a smaller entity within the bustling sphere of online gambling. That’s an essential factor to reflect upon because larger casinos are generally more capable of settling large wins without struggling, while smaller ones might find it challenging.

Although not negatively impactful, the fact that 18bet Casino ties in with other online casinos calls for attention. These interactions could be influencing the casino’s ratings. Therefore, it’s sensible to stay informed about its relations and potential influences on its overall operation.

The withdrawal limits also deserve some spotlight; players can withdraw up to €20,000 per month and €5,000 per week which is quite industry-standard.

Games and Payment Options

The casino is predominantly stocked with a wide range of gaming choices from reputable game providers like NetEnt, Betsoft Gaming, Microgaming, and more. Active games include Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Jackpot games, Live games, among others. However, Poker and Crash games are currently non-active.

Accommodative to various currencies, primarily EUR, the casino extends a multitude of payment methods including Neteller, Skrill, VISA, Mastercard, Trustly, and many others. Although flexible, it’s important to mention that not all payment methods are accessible in every country.

Warnings and Complaints

Despite the seemingly commendable aspects, the casino has an alarmingly high number of complaints attached to it. The import of these claims should not be downplayed when considering user safety, as they impact the overall reputation of the establishment sources.

Moreover, certain clauses in 18bet Casino’s Terms and Conditions lean towards being unfair to its players. It bucks the principle of evenly distributed odds between the player and the casino, which serves to further diminish trust levels. It’s highly recommended for prospective gamers to scrutinize these conditions, or find alternatives with fair rules altogether.

In terms of win limitations, the casino enforces a cap of €100,000 a day. Any wins beyond this limit will not be realized, which could be discouraging for players who eye big wins.


Using the broad spectrum of information available on 18bet Casino, it becomes clear that it has more than its share of shadows. The casino appears to have unaddressed complaints, potentially skewed terms and conditions favoring the house, and win limit restrictions imposed on players’ potential earnings— factors that cast a significant cloud over its legitimacy. Upon weighing the pros and cons, illustrated facts signal towards cautionary advice—to stay away from this casino until a noticeable improvement is registered on its current standing.

While its hosting of diversified games and multitude of languages might seem appealing, remember caution is advised based on our comprehensive review for the safety concerns that obfuscate the platform’s reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 18bet Casino and who owns it?

18bet Casino is an online gambling establishment that was launched in 2011 by Shark77 Limited. While it might be categorized as a smaller player due to its reported annual revenue of less than $1 million, the casino has continuously worked to make a name for itself in the online gambling landscape. Its variety of games and array of payment options have piqued the interest of many potential players.

2. Is 18bet Casino licensed, and if so, which authority issues the license?

Hold your bets! 18bet Casino does indeed possess a license. It operates under the jurisdiction of Malta, which is known to carry strict regulations and standards for their licensed establishments, providing a level of regulatory assurance to patrons of casinos registered under this domain.

3. How vast is the selection of games at 18bet Casino?

The game repertoire at 18bet Casino is quite extensive, making it one of the casino’s strengths. Active gaming categories include popular choices like Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, and more. The casino also offers lucrative Jackpot games and engaging Live games for patrons seeking real-time casino experiences. The one downside is that some favorites, like Poker and Crash games, are currently inactive.

4. How efficient is the withdrawal system at the 18bet?

18bet allows regular cash-outs with decent withdrawal limits. You can withdraw up to €5,000 per week or €20,000 per month. Although not breaking any records, these caps do cater to the gambling needs of the majority of players efficiently.

5. Are there complaints lodged against 18bet Casino?

Yes, significant numbers of complaints have been associated with 18bet Casino, a factor that cannot be overlooked when assessing the platform’s safety. Moreover, these grievances remain largely unresolved, further impacting the casino’s credibility from a player-safety perspective.

6. What warnings should potential players be aware of?

Two major red flags to watch out for include terms and conditions that lean towards being unfair to its users, and win limit restrictions. The casino has certain stipulations within its policies which, unfortunately, infringe upon fair-play principles. Moreover, despite the allure of winning big, 18bet Casino has capped daily earnings to €100,000, limiting the winning potential of high-rollers.

7. Is it recommended to play at 18bet Casino based on this review?

Given the highlighted pros and cons, caution is advised when considering playing at 18bet Casino. While the establishment ticks several boxes such as game diversity and available payment channels, unresolved complaints, seemingly unfavorable rules pertaining to house advantage, and win limit restrictions hinder the appeal considerably. Until outstanding issues are addressed and rectified by the platform, potential players are highly advised to fully understand these concerns before deciding to play.

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