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100pudov Casino – Legit or Scam?

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Founded in 2020 by BG SOFT LP, 100pudov Casino is an online gaming platform that has generated numerous discussions. Despite the influx of new users and soaring popularity in some regions, its low earning revenues of less than $1,000,000 and primarily Russian targeting have made some question the legitimacy and safety standards of this venue. With this, we decided to conduct an in-depth review of 100pudov Casino, primarily focusing on its security measures, licensing status, player complaints, customer support quality, and fairness of terms and conditions.

Operating Status and Licensing

Unfortunately, after considerable research, it was found that 100pudov Casino operates without a license. This raises some valid concerns as licensed casinos have to adhere to regulations and rules set by licensing authorities which entail fair play and safeguarding of user interests. Operating sans a license, 100pudov puts itself in a risky zone where if players run into issues, they can’t turn to any licensing authority for help.

Economic Status and Payment Policies

When it comes to economic viability, 100pudov Casino qualifies as a smaller online casino in terms of revenue. This could potentially lead to problems with big payouts. To elaborate, larger casinos with significant revenue streams usually don’t struggle in paying out big wins while smaller establishments like 100pudov may encounter difficulties. The withdraw limits of the casino are $10,000 per month, $2,000 per week, and $250 per day.

Interestingly, 100pudov boasts a versatile array of payment methods including mainstream options like VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, familar e-wallets such as WebMoney, Quiwi, ecoPayz and even trendy cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Tether. Despite this impressive lineup, the casino operates using a single currency – the Russian Ruble.

Customer Support Quality

A significant aspect related to online casino safety is an accessible support system for players. Unfortunately, 100pudov appears to be lacking in this department with no stated customer support desk. Without this service, it can create a frustrating vacuum of communication for users who encounter issues during their gaming experience or while managing their accounts.

Terms and Conditions

An alarm bell regarding 100pudov Casino is related to their terms and conditions. Certain sections are constructed to favor the casino and can be considered unfair towards its players. This calls for caution from potential users to meticulously review these rules before deciding to play at this venue.

Quality of Games

On a positive note, 100pudov offers an array of games provided by top industry leaders such as NetEnt, Play’n GO, Microgaming, and Pragmatic Play. The game suite includes popular categories including Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Live games, Jackpot games, and others. However, the absence of betting and poker might disappoint some players.

Moreover, Bitcoin acceptance is another beneficial aspect that adds to its credibility, as the use of cryptocurrency has become a popular method for online transactions. It shows an effort on their part to accommodate progressive payment trends.

In conclusion, although 100pudov’s diverse games selection and range of payment options make it tempting, its lack of license, unfairly skewed terms and conditions, potential struggle in handling big payouts and the absence of customer support significantly raise questions about its credibility and safety. It’s advised to contemplate over these factors before diving into the world of 100pudov Casino.

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Frequently Asked Questions about 100pudov Casino

1. When was 100pudov Casino established and who are the owners?

100pudov Casino saw its inception in the year 2020, so it’s relatively new in the online gaming industry. The casino is under the ownership of a business entity called BG SOFT LP.

2. Does 100pudov Casino operate under any recognized license?

In our research, we found that 100pudov Casino currently doesn’t possess any official license for its operations. As a rule of thumb, reputable casinos function under licenses issued by known gambling regulatory authorities. This ensures they comply with certain standards of fair play and customer experience. However, as 100pudov lacks such a license, it raises some safety concerns and potential difficulties for users if disputes arise.

3. What revenue does 100pudov Casino generate, and how does this influence payouts?

100pudov Casino has a reported revenue of less than $1,000,000, which categorizes it as a smaller platform in terms of earnings in the online casino landscape. This size could possibly lead to certain complications, specifically when dealing with larger wins. Casinos with extensive revenues can easily handle sizable wins by players, whereas smaller establishments like 100pudov might experience challenges in these scenarios.

4. What are the withdrawal limits at 100pudov Casino?

When it comes to pulling out your winnings from 100pudov Casino, there are set limits that you need to respect. The maximum amount a player can withdraw varies based on the period: $10,000 is the maximum monthly limit; weekly, you can take out up to $2,000 while the daily limit confines you to withdrawals of no more than $250.

5. What different payment methods does 100pudov Casino accept?

100pudov Casino provides a wide selection of payment methods ensuring that players have flexibility to choose from. Besides traditional modes like VISA and MasterCard, they also accept various e-wallets such as WebMoney and Qiwi. Additionally, they are up to speed with modern digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether among their payment options.

6. Is there any customer support available at 100pudov Casino?

Regrettably, there’s no dedicated customer support service available in the case of 100pudov Casino. This lack of accessibility means users may face challenges when trying to resolve issues related to their casino experience or concerning account management.

7. Are the terms and conditions player-friendly at 100pudov Casino?

When it comes to fairness towards players, some parts of 100pudov Casino’s terms and conditions seem to swerve more towards favoring casino interests over those of its users. Given this potential pitfall, we recommend prospective users to thoroughly peruse these guidelines before deciding to partake in gaming activities on this platform.

8. What types of games can I play at 100pudov Casino?

100pudov Casino boasts an expansive list of games supplied by renowned game providers in the industry. Casino aficionados can enjoy popular categories like Slots, Roulette, Blackjack along with thrilling Live Games and heart-racing Jackpot games among others. However, the offerings are currently limited for punters drawn to Poker and Betting games.

9. Does 100pudov Casino accept Bitcoin payments?

Yes, Bitcoin is thankfully one of the accepted payment options at 100pudov Casino. This inclusion caters to users comfortable with cryptocurrency transactions, portraying the casino’s effort to keep pace with evolving digital trends.

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